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20 incredible snacks to eat around the world

Ahhhh, the cinema. We arrive in a dark room ready to have a good time with a huge packet of popcorn in our hands. Goal: to be able to nibble continuously for the duration of the film! Sweet, savory, both? This is not the problem because depending on which country you are watching your film in, the very chances are that you will not have access to those little popcorn balls at all! Do you have your mouth watering already? After an update on Japanese food in the anime, in this article we will take you on a journey to 20 cinemas around the world – and their sometimes surprising culinary specialties. We’re doing what we can while we wait for the reopening …

# 1 Indonesia: fish and chips

# 2 Hong Kong: roasted squid balls

# 3 Texas, USA: (giant) cucumbers

# 4 Barbados: Samosas

# 5 Canada: poutine

# 6 Denmark: beer

# 7 New York, USA: cheddar biscuits

# 8 Philippines: popcorn with cheese, barbecue sauce or wasabi powder

# 9 Hawaii, USA: Popcorn with puffed rice and dried seaweed

# 10 Colombia: sushi

Suede # 11: Bring Back What You Want! You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks

# 12 Germany: vanilla ice cream bites coated with chocolate

# 13 Minnesota, USA: a “gourmet” burger and cocktails

# 14 South Korea: Fried Calamari

# 15 spain: red wine and coca-cola (calimocho)

# 16 Japan: churros

# 17 Greece: souvlakis

# 18 norway: dried reindeer meat

# 19 Lithuania: Kvass, a slightly alcoholic, beer-like fermented drink

# 20 Colombia: roasted ants


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