20 Funny Stories With Sarcastic Morals By SpaceBoyCantLol (comic)

Do you need to breathe, relax, laugh a little? Don’t move, we’ve got you covered! What could be nicer than (very) short comics that translate both the absurdity and the madness we live in while bringing the ease with which they can be downplayed? Some time ago we invited you to discover the work of the artist Optissecomic through 30 ironic stories, the end of which is unexpected. Focus today on SpaceBoyCantLol, which with its work offers a sharp criticism of the world we live in, all adorned with small allusions to cinematographic references – with a majority around superheroes, of which the artist is a fan! Don’t panic for non-English speakers, you will find a translation of the texts below the picture. To follow the work of SpaceBoyCantLol you can go to their Facebook page and Instagram account.

# 1

– Yes, brother, Fury asked us to work from home until it gets better

# 2

– Let’s see what’s under that mask

– Fuck

# 3

# 4

– Where are we going daddy? – You always wanted to meet your mother, right? – OH MY GOD! Will we see mom You’ve never talked about her, if only once. How is she doing? – dead

# 5

– He sleeps so peacefully – It would be a shame if something painful suddenly happened to him (cramp)

# 6

– Thanks Spider-Man – All life is important

# 7

Hey Bruce, please squeeze me

# 8th

– brains … brains … – the earth is flat – brains … brains …

# 9

Damn quarantine

# 10

– How do we know if they are really dead or pretend they are? – I’ll be going to the weight room every day starting tomorrow

# 11

MISS UNIVERSE CONTEST – Why is the winner always human? – Because they think they are the center of the universe – That’s it, I’ll call my father

# 12

– Video call in progress – Sorry, my phone gave up! We can talk to each other via email

# 13

Use Autobots! [nldr : “rollout” signifie également “déroulement”, interprété ici comme une roulade]

# 14

– Commissioner, why can’t the police find the killer when the victim wrote the killer’s name in his blood just before he died?

# fifteen

– Let’s play a game. You have to choose a series that you want to watch on Netflix. You have 12 hours … – That seems boring … It’s too slow … – Maybe a horror film … Documentary? – You didn’t stand a chance

# 16

– I’ve come to destroy this city … – Not so fast … – Tan worse

# 17

– is it a bird? Is it an airplane – no It’s still such a good old Superman – Oh, seriously, not yet – Why is it never a bird or an airplane? – I just wish I was right about the bird – him. Every time – find yourself a Superfree Man job

# 18

– I snap my fingers and 50% of them get killed. – You incompetent and measly way of life … Have you already killed 99.9% of them?

# 19

BLACK PANTHER SAVES MAY – Master Bruce, if you want merit you must wear a different colored mask – A bat mask is always black

# 20

– Optimist: half full – Pessimistic: half empty – Thanos: perfectly balanced. How all things should be

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