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20 Celebrities Who Have Been Transformed Into Disney Movie Characters

The Disney universe is filled with characters of all shapes and colors. But we can’t talk about Disney without talking about the princesses and princes who bring the magic to life in the studio’s various films.

They would make perfect cartoon characters

At Hitek, we’ve previously featured Z42s in which artists have fun transforming the works of Walt Disney. We have already suggested that you discover an artist who turned celebrities into Disney princesses or another who dreamed up 8 Disney characters in anime.

Today we invite you to discover a selection of 20 celebrities, certainly the most famous in the world, from Brad Pitt to Tom Cruise, without forgetting DiCaprio and Emma Watson, transformed into characters from Disney films for the occasion. We let you discover the images below.

#1 Brad Pitt

#2 Angelina Jolie

#3 Leonardo DiCaprio

#4 MattDAMON

#5 Santa Cage

#6 Chris Evans

#7 Johnny Depp

#8 Rihanna

#9 Will Smith

#10 Vin Diesel

#11 Jennifer Aniston

#12 Emma Watson

#13 Keanu Reeves

#14 Tom Cruise

#15 Robert Pattinson

#16 Margot Robbie

#17 Selena Gomez

#18 Halle Berry

#19 Vanessa Hudgens

#20 Taylor Swift


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