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2 years of thinking and 109 hours of folding later, this origami is the most complex in the world

Born in China in the 6th century, origami was gradually democratized to be exported all over the world. And with the arrival of the Internet, lovers of this field can freely share their creations. Such is the case of Juho Könkkölä, a Finn who has become an expert in the field and continues to make increasingly complex origami.

the most complex origami in the world

Juho Könkkölä recently shared his latest creation on YouTube: two knights facing each other in a bitter duel. An epic staging for an origami made from a single sheet of paper without tearing it at any point. A feat that still requires 2 years of reflection and no less than 25 different versions for the author to ensure that the final result is perfect.

From a single 95cm square sheet of Wenzhou rice paper, Juho Könkkölä has managed to create an incredibly intricate origami. In total, this origami took 109 hours of folding, 5377 fold lines and the accumulation of 72 layers of paper for a final origami of 25 cm high and 20 cm wide. You can find more images of the origami in question just below, as well as a time-lapse that will allow you to discover the entire process of creating this origami.



Herne the hunter:




Samurai Warrior:


The Dragon Lord:

Tuonelan Herra:



Elf Mage:




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