19 new series (and seasons) to watch during the August break

19 new series (and seasons) to watch during the August break

“Shameless” will end, “Valéria” is back and “Nine Perfect Strangers” and “Cruel Summer” are bets that deserve a chance.

Nicole Kidman is the protagonist of “Nine Perfect Strangers”.

Between beach dives and weekend getaways, August calls for new series to be seen on TV, be it during digestion, after lunch, or at night while eating ice cream and waiting for the next morning to sunbathe.

As always, NiT has put together a selection of news not to be missed this month: some are completely new series, others are well-known productions that will premiere new seasons (which may be good news for many loyal fans).

We started with bitter news – but we have known about this result for over a year. The famous (and dysfunctional) Gallagher family from “Shameless” has one final season to complete their narrative – and all the little stories that inhabit this world all by themselves. It will be the second season without one of the main characters, Fiona – her departure has led to a drop in audience ratings, which could also have motivated the end of production.

If you are looking for absolute novelties, you should give “Nine Perfect Strangers” a chance. After the success of “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, Nicole Kidman and David E. Kelley are working together again on a series adapted from a book.

This is a wellness resort thriller that promises change for nine workers who live in stressful environments every day. Kidman plays Marsha, the space director who will oversee this ten-day retreat. Of course, not everything will go as expected and things will get wild during the process.

Another option could be “Cruel Summer”. The new series by Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple, the duo responsible for “The Sinner”, is a thriller set in a small town in Texas. A popular teenager named Kate is kidnapped. At the same time, another girl who was previously an outsider becomes immensely popular – but ends up being the most hated person in America.

Click the gallery to see all 19 new series (and seasons) coming out this August.

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