17 years later, Rui Santos will even leave SIC

The sports commentator is set to join the CNN Portugal team. The channel launches on November 22nd.

Rui Santos has been with SIC since 2004.

SIC has officially confirmed that sports commentator Rui Santos will leave the Paço de Arcos TV channel. The journalist has been with the station since 2004. The program “Tempo Extra” on Tuesday, October 26th, will not be broadcast.

Although not yet confirmed, Rui Santos should join the CNN Portugal team. The Media Capital Group’s new information channel, which will replace TVI24, will start on November 22nd.

Judite de Sousa and Júlio Magalhães are two of the announced new signings for CNN Portugal. Nuno Santos, who previously headed TVI, is the new general director of the station.