17 Evidence That Cats Look Like Their Owners


Since ancient times, cats have asserted themselves as the true masters of the world, operating in the shadows to assert their dominion over humanity. With unparalleled viciousness and intelligence, they finally reached the ultimate stage: that their human would pick up their own feces with a smile. Equally disturbing is their presence in the cinema: the proof is with these 19 famous films in which the cats replaced the actors. We’re just a meow away from the catizing of the world.

like master, like cat?

Do people choose their cat based on the similarity they share or do they influence one another? Here is an existential question. At least that is the work of animal photographer Gerrard Gethings. But be careful: the models on display are not the real owners of the cats, they have been carefully selected. In addition, the effect is guaranteed and the duets are quite believable! You can follow Gerrard’s work on Instagram.

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