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17 Animals Introduced as Anime Characters (Part 2)

Last June we featured the work of Nitro, a Korean artist who transforms domestic and wild animals into humans. Exit Realism, known as byeongju.a on Instagram, turns these animals into actual anime characters. Cow, horse or hyena are affected, with results that could very well come into play when casting certain works. Characters that could have been found in classics like Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, but also video games like Tekken or Street Fighter. A second set of creations can be found a little further down.

#1 a Belgian White Blue

#2 a lioness

#3 a crow

#4 a Friesian horse

#5 a guinea fowl

#6 a tiger

#7 an iguana

#8 of the victims of heterochromia in white cats

#9 an owl with glasses

#10 a white crested tamarin

#11 a fancy Dutch girl

#12 a wolf

#13 a gorilla

#14 a Russian greyhound (borzoi)

#15 a brown bear

#16 a bald capuchin

#17 a hyena

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