16 things to remember in this new episode


After T’Challa’s heroics as Star-Lord last week, the MCU animated series What If …? unveiled its third episode on Disney +, bringing us into an alternate reality at the time when SHIELD director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) gathered the heroes together to create the Avengers. However, in this alternate reality, things are not going as well as expected. We suggest coming back to the 16 things to remember after watching this episode.

Warning: this article contains loot for the third episode of the What If …? Series. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

1) a reference to Iron Man 2

The episode begins with a reference to Iron Man 2, and more precisely the day after Tony gets drunk and fights Rhodey at his party. Tony is being killed when Black Widow tries to inject lithium dioxide into him to suppress his symptoms.

2) Thor and Clint also butchered

Thor infiltrates the SHIELD site where Mjolnir fell to Earth. Hank then kills Thor by triggering Clint Barton’s arrow, and then murders the latter, who was imprisoned. Then it’s the turn of the Hulk, then Black Widow.

3) a reference to the incredible Hulk

The moment General Ross and his troops face Bruce Banner at Culver University in Virginia is an obvious reference to The Incredible Hulk. Hank then penetrates Bruce’s body through a sniper’s bullet and shatters it by attacking his heart: it turns out that he can die.

4) the pizzeria Stanley’s pizzeria

On the table, Black Widow sees a Stanley’s Pizza Parlor uniform. Stanley’s Pizza Parlor, also known as “Stanley’s”, is a fictional MCU location. This is a Stanley Lieber pizza place in Willowdale, Virginia. Doctors Bruce Banner and Betty Ross were both friends with the owner and visited this pizza place featured in The Incredible Hulk. It also tells Natasha that Bruce is actually around.

5) Betty Ross

This is the first time we’ve seen Betty Ross since the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk. She is played by Stephanie Panisello and replaces actress Liv Tyler.

6) Thor smells like lavender

This is data we didn’t expect: Thor, referred to as “sublime” in this episode, even smells like rotting lavender.

7) The shield is damaged by Hydra at this point in the timeline

Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) tells Black Widow during this episode, “Save your ideas for Pierce,” which subtly reminds us that SHIELD is completely corrupted by Hydra at this point in the timeline. Alexander Pierce is tacitly promoting the subversive terrorist group within the US government.

8) Agent Coulson is crazy about Captain America

Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) clearly shows his attachment to Captain America through his password, which is no less than # SteveSteveSteveIheartSteve0704. Aside from the fact that Black Widow incites ridicule, it’s clear that this is a good password. Note that 04/07 is Steve’s birthday.

9) who has access to the file

The people who have access to the file Black Widow reads are Coulson, Fury, Alexander Pierce, Maria Hill, and Janet Van Dyne. There is also a photo of when the file was last accessed. Janet, who has been dead for 2 years, accessed the database yesterday. Black Widow thus establishes the connection to Hope.

10) King Loki and Lady Sif

When Loki (Tom Hiddleston) learns of Thor’s death, he raises an army of Asgardians and travels to Earth to scream for revenge. When Fury realizes that Hank is the killer, he convinces the god of playfulness to help him stop him. Regarding Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander), this is her second cameo recently as she also appears on the Loki series.

11) that of loki. held box

As he penetrates the earth, Loki wields the Box of Old Winter (also called “Box of Old Winter”), a relic and weapon of the ice giants of Jotunheim, who use it to defeat enemy armies and conquer enemy kingdoms. It can create and hurl an endless icy wind that instantly freezes enemies and plunges an entire kingdom into an ice age. It had been captured by the Einherjar of Asgard and sealed in Odin’s treasury before it was stolen by Loki. When Loki touched him, he revealed his true nature as an ice giant.

12) Ant Man, the Villain

During the episode, we are revealed that Ant-Man is hiding behind it all. Hank is furious that Hope died on a SHIELD mission when he lost his wife, Janet Van Dyne, in the same way (he does not yet know that Janet is alive and trapped in the quantum realm).

13) The problem is hope

As Black Widow reveals to Nick Fury before he dies, “Hope is the problem.” In fact, we will soon learn that Hope was apparently killed while on a mission outside Odessa, Ukraine. Now, in the original MCU reality as we know it, Black Widow mentions that it was in this very location that she was attacked by the Winter Soldier while escorting an Iranian nuclear engineer. This suggests that in this alternate reality, Hope was killed by Hydra’s killer.

14) the ant man costume is from the comics

Hank Pym’s costume is similar to the yellowjacket from the comics. In particular, it seems that the costume Hank wears in this episode is a mix of Ant-Man’s, Darren Cross’ Yellowjacket outfit in the first Ant-Man, and the Yellowjacket outfit that Hank wore in the first Ant-Man, Avengers – Comics # 59.

In this comic, Hank assumed the Yellowjacket’s identity after a laboratory accident. After that, he acted completely recklessly, which led to a notorious (and globally despised) moment: the moment he furiously turned down Janet. The couple subsequently divorced, and Hank was kicked from the Avengers. It is very likely that this costume is a reference to this comic, in which Hank Pym already played the role of the “bad guy”.

15) the speech of Loki, which has a touch of deja vu. Has

Loki betrays Fury’s trust and decides to take control of Earth. He manages, according to his words, to bow down all the nations of the earth in one day (certainly thanks in part to The Box of Ancient Winters) and declares in his speech to the United Nations: “You were created to be governed. “This is a phrase he once said in the movie Avengers (2012).

16) the beginning of the rule of a new team of Avengers

At the end of Episode 3 we see that Nuck Fury is building a new team of superheroes that will develop within this reality around Captain Marvel, but also around Captain America, who is still stuck in the ice. . In any case, Captain Marvel seems determined to find out about Loki.

And if you want to know whether the series What If …? will have a follow up, we have the answer and we will give it to you in our previous article.