15 things you didn’t know about these iconic adventure films


This is not the first time that we have presented you with a list of anecdotes specifically dedicated to cinema. Additionally, if you would like to find our latest articles on the same topic, please click here or there. However, it rarely happens that we really dig into the sets and other accessories that are visible in a movie. As is often the case with the viewer, these essential elements for a production worthy of the name usually go directly under our radar. But we will make up for it! And at the same time, if you are not yet an expert in cinema, we recommend that you fill in your gaps in this area …

15 surprising details about this classic adventure cinema

Have you ever wondered what incredible stories are behind the props from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or even the Jumanji sets? Then you’ve come to the right place. For the others, however, we advise you to stay, because some details that we are going to present to you today could certainly thwart your expert eye, even if these films were viewed several times.

Action and adventure films are full of little details. Costumes, make-up, accessories and sets made from your favorite blockbusters are combed through. Here are these 15 snappy anecdotes that we can share with you right now.

1) The Goonies treasure map is stained with real blood

The blood on the Goonies’ treasure map is absolutely real. The film’s production designer made a conscious decision to slit a finger to better reflect his accessory. If that’s not surrender, we don’t know each other!

2) The Jungle of Jumanji (2017) refers to the board game from the very first movie

Towards the end of the film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, it is possible to see the entire jungle in which the main plot takes place. Thanks to this plan, we can then see that the setting strangely resembles the layout of the board game from the original film.

3) In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Captain Teague was wearing an accessory that he had inherited from his actor

Those who have watched the 2007 movie Pirate of the Caribbean: At World’s End may have noticed that Captain Teague wore a ring with a silver skull on it on his finger. What sounds like a banal accessory at first glance actually has a whole story behind it. This ring actually belongs to Keith Richards, who plays the role of the pirate in the film. He received it on one of his birthdays and has never parted with it since.

4) The Goonies card ended up in the trash

After filming The Goonies, actor Sean Austin was allowed to leave the card visible in the film. But a few years later, her mother accidentally threw it in the trash thinking it was just a crumpled sheet of paper.

5) In Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure, actor Sean Bean nodded to his favorite football team

As you can see, Sean Bean commented on the icon of the English club Sheffield United FC on this notepad that appeared on the screen. As a reminder, the actor was a member of the board of directors of this soccer team.

6) Captain Hook can use his new hand as a turntable in Hook

The movie Hook, or the Revenge of Captain Hook, allowed us to learn a lot about this famous villain who will soon be featured in an upcoming Disney live-action movie. For example, from this film we know that the captain can use his hook to play records. As? “Or what? In a scene from Hook, the viewer sees a record player in the pirate’s quarters, in front of which an armrest is positioned, with which Captain Hook activates the music.

7) The Raiders of the Lost Ark map shows Palestine instead of Israel

Raiders of the Lost Ark, published in 1981, chronicles a chain of events believed to have taken place in 1936. At that time, Israel was not yet recognized as a state. This therefore explains why Palestine is visible on the map and not Israel.

8) The good old Jumanji string technique

A closer look at this scene from Jumanji (1995) shows Peter’s monkey tail being twisted with a string.

9) In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow’s pistol is the only real firearm that appears in the film

Johnny Depp was only allowed to use real pistols in scenes where he had to shoot. On this occasion he was given a set of two pistols from 1765. In the rest of the film, he and the rest of his comrades had to fool themselves with dummy weapons.

10) The actors of the movie The Goonies could only see Willy’s ship during the filming

Director Richard Donner went out of his way to get some warm responses from the cast of the Goonies to help them discover the pirate ship. Therefore, the filmmaker refused to show the children the ship before the filming of this famous scene. In the end, a second take had to be turned in order to achieve a convincing result. In fact, the children were so amazed that curses broke out the first time they were shot.

11) In The Mummy, Jonathan appears with a piece of Ardeth’s robe after a scarab is pulled from his arm

After O’connell has removed the scarab from his arm, Jonathan can be seen in the following scene with a bandage from a piece of Ardeth’s robe.

12) The secret behind Jack Sparrow’s quest in Pirates of the Caribbean

You must have noticed that red stain on our good old Jack Sparrow’s jaw. What looks like a simple sore is actually the result of syphilis. At that time, Johnny Depp and his make-up artists had agreed to leave this mark on our hero’s face. And on closer inspection, it gradually spreads over time.

13) The connection between An Attack of the Monkeys and the Wizard of Oz in Jumanji

In the film Jumanji (1995), one scene shows monkeys attacking a TV shop. One of the TV’s in the shop can then be seen that a passage from The Wizard of Oz is being broadcast. This is exactly one sequence in which flying monkeys attack.

14) In Hook, Maggie Smith was around 36 years old

With makeup on, Maggie Smith had to age to play a more mature version of Wendy’s character. The actress, who was 56 at the time, was driven to make 96 while filming the movie Hook.

15) Actor Mackenzie Crook wore multiple layers of lens in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

In order to give his glass eye character, the Ragetti interpreter was forced to put two contact lenses on top of each other. He says: “It’s uncomfortable … but it doesn’t hurt. And it helps the figure, because without it I would just be a pirate like the others. “

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