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15 Things to Remember in This New Episode (S01E04)

After 3 very mysterious first episodes, episode 4 of WandaVision has been available on Disney + since this morning. In this new episode that finally gets to the point, and like in the previous episodes, there were a lot of things to remember and to recognize. Of course, if you haven’t seen WandaVision Episode 4, there is still time to escape. We meet a little lower in episode 4 of WandaVision to remember these 15 things.

/! Warning spoiler /!

1) Back to the future

WandaVision Episode 4 begins with the aftermath of the Hulk’s finger snapping in Avengers: Endgame. The people who disappeared because of Thanos’ finger snapping reappear 5 years later. This is the first time the opposite effect of snapping your fingers has appeared on the screen. This event has only been postponed in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

2) Maria Rambeau’s daughter

As we’ve assumed for the past few weeks, we’ve confirmed from the beginning of the episode that the mysterious Geraldine is indeed Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Maria Rambeau, Captain Marvel’s best friend.

3) A tribute plaque with a familiar nickname

Monica learns that her mother died of cancer two years after Thanos snapped her fingers. As a result, it’s been three years since she died. The board in the SWORD premises shows a photo of his mother nicknamed “Photon”. We could already see this nickname in the cabin of Maria Rambeau’s plane in Captain Marvel.

4) A reference to Captain Marvel

While speaking on SWORD, Tyler Hayward discusses space threats directly related to Thanos and the events of Avengers Endgame. Monica replies that there have always been threats, but also allies. Here, of course, she is referring to Captain Marvel.

5) Creation of the SWORD

A little further in the course of this conversation we learn that Maria Rambeau founded SWORD herself. It is certain that this creation took place after the events of Captain Marvel and the encounter with the Skrulls. Presumably, the creation of the SWORD will be seen in Captain Marvel 2, which is scheduled for 2022.

6) According to Ant-Man on the trail of Wanda

Jimmy Woo, who followed Ant-Man’s footsteps in Ant-Man and the Wasp, is back in WandaVision. This FBI agent is now investigating the strange events in Westview.

7) The SWORD helicopter

In the first episode of WandaVision, we were intrigued by the SWORD helicopter, which appeared in red while the series was in black and white. In this episode we learn that it was Wanda who transformed SWORD’s drones to fit the times when their new life is unfolding.

8) Following Thor on the trail of Wanda

Agent Woo isn’t the only one signing his return to WandaVision. The SWORD and the FBI call Darcy Lewis to investigate the Westview events. Remember, this was Jane Foster’s assistant in Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

9) The hands of the first episode

At the end of the first episode of WandaVision you could see the hands of someone watching “the show”. We thought he was someone who controlled and watched Wanda. In the end, it was Darcy Lewis’s hands who are just as thorough as we are on the show in understanding Wanda’s and Vision’s actions.

10) Faces not unknown to SWORD

When SWORD recapitulates the characters in Wanda’s “series”, they seem to know the different protagonists and their true identities. The next few episodes should teach us where these different people come from who do not seem to be unknown.

11) The radio call

In the second episode of WandaVision, Wanda seemed to come back to reality when she heard calls from someone speaking to her. In episode 4 we learn that this someone is none other than Agent Jimmy Woo himself.

12) censorship

When SWORD agents and Darcy Lewis watch Wanda’s “series” they have fewer passages than in previous episodes. We can therefore conclude that someone is censoring the show so that they don’t find out everything. Who is behind this censorship? Wanda herself or a figure she manipulates in the shadows?

13) an undercover agent

The beekeeper who appeared in Episode 2 of WandaVision is actually a SWORD agent who managed to infiltrate Wanda’s world through the pipes. He wasn’t a beekeeper before moving to the next world. This status change could hide darker things.

14) vision death

After Wanda sends Geraldine back to the real world, she turns around and sees Vision dead. We find the hero this way when he was killed by Thanos by tearing off the Spirit Stone.

15) Wanda controls everything

When Vision suggests that Wanda go because they can go anywhere, Wanda replies that they cannot go. That she is home now and that she is in control. This last sentence confirms once again that Wanda lives in her bladder and has everything under control, but perhaps once again that she is being blinded by someone who is pulling the strings. We should have more answers in the next few episodes.

So much for those 15 little details in episode 4 of WandaVision. See you next Friday for the rest and the new details to remember. In the meantime, you can rediscover the little details that should be remembered in Episode 3.


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