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15 Super Villains You Probably Don’t Know About

The MCU may have reigned supreme in superhero films for 14 years, but many characters from the Marvel Universe are still very little known. It must be said that they are particularly numerous and not all play a crucial role in the comics. And yet some are worth the detour! And since our favorite superheroes would be nothing without good villains, we decided to bring you down 15 super villains you probably don’t know.

#1 Titanium

Tatiana, first appearing in 1984, is a superhuman-powered antagonist who has had to face Spider-Man and Hulk, but is primarily an enemy of whose cousin She-Hulk is. Maybe she will appear in the upcoming miniseries.

#2 The kangaroo

According to the mutant or victim of genetic experiments versions, the kangaroo also has superhuman strength and can make very impressive leaps, including when fighting Spider-Man.

#3 Dormamu

When he shows up in cinemas in 2016’s Doctor Strange, Dormammu will remain little known to fans. It is a mystical interdimensional entity that is regularly at war with the lords of the underworld. His mystical energy makes him extremely powerful and almost invulnerable.

#4 Egghead (Hank Pym)

Change of registers for Egghead, who has no superpowers but turns out to be a genius in science, technology and robotics and is therefore able to create dangerous weapons to fight against his lifelong nemesis Ant-Man.

#5 Bushmen

Raoul Bushman, mercenary and terrorist from Earth-616, is the first enemy of Moon Knight, who will soon have the right to his own miniseries. He has no powers, but has undergone intense and rigorous military training, making him particularly dangerous.

#6 The abomination

A recurring enemy of Bruce Banner/Hulk, he too has been transformed by gamma rays and therefore has similar powers and notably superhuman strength. However, he cannot return to human form.

#7 Mole Man

The mole appeared in the very first comic book dedicated to the Fantastic 4 and is therefore their first enemy. Armed with a stick, over time he develops a fighting style close to martial arts, making him particularly agile at a century.

#8 Blackjack OHare

After the mole, the rabbit. Blackjack O’Hare is an anthropomorphic rabbit enemy of the raccoon Rocket. He is a ruthless mercenary who has no special abilities other than thinking, speaking, and using items such as weapons. Which isn’t bad enough for a rabbit.

#9 The White Rabbit

A second rag on the go with the White Rabbit, a criminal who took refuge in books and in particular Alice in Wonderland to escape her dreary everyday life, hence the choice of her identity. Stripped of her power, she uses an umbrella as a weapon that can throw sharp or even explosive “carrots”.

#10 Crossfire

Crossfire was a former ally of Moon Knight, but eventually turned against him. He also faced The Thing, a member of the Fantastic Four. A former CIA interrogation expert, he knows how to fight and is very good at infiltration and espionage. He became a double agent, losing an eye and an ear that were replaced with cybernetic implants.

#11 kidney lady

Selma Bottle was a peasant woman who had a strange obsession: the kidneys (“kidneys”, in English), hence her decision to assume the identity of Lady Kidney. She can teleport and bring inanimate objects to life. She is an enemy of an equally little-known superhero, Howard the Duck.

#12 Saber Tooth

Despite appearing in two parts of the X-Men, Dents-de-Sabre remains relatively unknown to the general public. He is a bloodthirsty mutant who has dozens of murders to his credit and can regenerate very easily after an injury, while having very developed senses (hearing, sight…).

#13 Armless tiger man

Gustav Hertz, also known as Armless Tiger Man, is a super villain who lost his arms to a machine. He therefore developed a hatred of machines and technology. Captured by the Nazis during World War II, he was sent to the United States to sabotage its defenses and occasionally developed a penchant for cannibalism.

#14 The Mandarin

When he is mentioned in the first Iron Man film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings reveals the Mandarin’s true identity, while until then he was unknown to most Marvel fans. In fact, it is Xu Wenwu, a warrior over 1,000 years old, who founded the Ten Rings criminal organization. For a long time he therefore drew his powers from the rings (flame projection, mental intensification, disintegrator beam…).

#15 Rot/The Rot

A very special “villain” at the end, with the Rot (the Rot), an intangible entity made up of the void and born from the fusion between the energy of Death and that of Thanos after the latter’s death. This being was so powerful that after its resurrection, the Avengers had to join forces with Thanos and Death itself to defeat it.

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