15 platform-exclusive animated series you should definitely try


Netflix didn’t wait until 2021 to invest in anime. For several years now, the streaming platform has decided to make this type of content its new hobbyhorse. As proof, the SVOD giant has just acquired the rights to this animated cult.

15 anime can only be found on Netflix

Like millions of people on earth, you have certainly subscribed to the Netflix platform. And if you’re going through this, it’s because you must have an unconditional love for manga and anime within you. That is why we decided to make a small list of the most interesting ones in the streaming giant’s catalog. It then lists 15 original programs that you will not find anywhere else.

1) DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Based on Valve’s famous MOBA, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood takes us into a fantastic universe in which we follow the adventures of Davion, a dragon knight. On his way to make the world safer, he will meet the terrible Eldwurm and Princess Mirana who will lead him into a series of unexpected events.

2) Great pretender

Great Pretender was produced by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) and has been available on Netflix for a few months. The icing on the cake, it honors a little Frenchy!

Makoto Edamura is considered to be the best cheater in Japan. One day when he and his partner try again, they are caught in their own game by Laurent Thierry, a French “dealer”.

3) gambling school

The lively gambling school takes you through the doors of the Hyakkaō Academy, a prestigious institution where wealthy students take part in games of chance. The best of them are given privileges and the less good are treated like slaves.

Everything will change with the arrival of Yumeko Jabami, who will reshuffle the cards and shake up the established order.

4) B: The beginning

A serial killer is wreaking havoc in Cremona, a state-of-the-art kingdom. He calls himself “Killer B” for the traces he leaves on the bodies of his victims. Keith Kazama Flick, “Genius” of RIS, must find a way to put an end to his dirty deeds …

5) Seven Deadly Sins

A terrible event has occurred in the Kingdom of Britannia. The Seven Deadly Sins, a group of legendary knights, are charged with treason as well as an unforgivable crime.

Ten years after the tragedy, these criminals disappeared and never reappeared. Princess Elizabeth then goes in search of them. The heiress needs them to overthrow the tyranny of the Holy Knights.

6) Drifting kites

Drifting Dragons is streamed worldwide thanks to Netflix and invites you to take part in the dangerous excursions of the Quin Zaza crew. He embarks on an airship in search of dragons to hunt.

These heavenly creatures are especially powerful. But killing them brings both luck and rare treasure to the crew …

7) Castlevania

Based on the games Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, this animated series puts you in the middle of Vlad Dracula Tepes’ quest for revenge.

Since the death of his wife, who was executed for witchcraft, the vampire Dracula has raised an army to exterminate the entire human species. He is then countered in his ambitions by the vampire hunter Trevor Belmont and the rest of his team.

8) Sky High Survival

Sky High Survival arrived like a fly in the ointment at the start of the year and is part of a bloody universe where it is necessary to survive no matter what. Our young heroine has to understand that quickly …

Yuri Honjo is on top of a skyscraper without really knowing why. Up there she discovers a dangerous world from which it seems impossible to escape. The student must then find a way to survive masked men who persecute her relentlessly.

9) The way of the apron

“A legendary yakuza turns back into a housewife”. Here we speak of the way of the apron. This humorous manga is designed to mock the world of Japanese organized crime.

Tatsu the immortal is shown here in beautiful static images. Then, as the episodes progress, we can admire the terrible yakuza doing his daily chores. Cooking, sales and laundry will be there!

10) Yasuke

Through a revisited feudal Japan, Yasuke tells of the adventures of a 16th century African samurai who really existed. If we know little about this historical character, it is because many dark parts remain in its history. The series director then decided to turn this program into a fiction that mixes mechas and moments of history.

If you like samurai, check out 10 other anime that honored these warriors.

11) Purple Evergarden

After the war turned her into a real killing machine, Violet Evergarden must now make peace with herself. In return, the young woman became a public writer. She therefore crosses the country to lend her pen to those who wish to express themselves in letters.

12) Mage: Adventure of Sinbad

This animated series takes place a few decades before Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and traces the youth of Sinbad. The only 14-year-old future king of the Alliance of the Seven Seas will have an encounter that will give him a taste of the unknown.

This will make Sinbad invest in Baal’s dungeon. The young man will finally be the first to overcome it, which marks the beginning of his adventures.

13) Blood of Zeus

The blood of Zeus takes up the Greek mythology again. They follow the epic of Heron, a demigod son of Zeus. The young man will then face demons and the goddess Hera who wants her skin.

Blood of Zeus, bloody and recommended to an informed public, will it really seduce you with its unique graphics?

14) Baki

As a direct sequel to the 2001 anime, Netflix’s Baki adapts a new battle shônen arc. For manga fans, this is an adaptation of the 42 volumes that New Grappler Baki consists of.

The five biggest criminals in the world will try to bring down our main hero here. This will lead to bloody martial arts!

15) Beastars

The animated beastars have left their mark on an anthropomorphic universe. Inside, various civilized creatures, both carnivorous and herbivorous, live together and even go to school together.

It is the last time that the atmosphere at the Cherryton Institute is particularly strong. The death of a student disrupted everyday life on campus. Legoshi, a wolf stigmatized by his appearance, sees his predatory impulses worsen as a result of this event. He has to take it upon himself now to avoid devouring the rabbit he is in love with.

Have you ever seen some of these anime? What do you think? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments! In the meantime, find Part 2 of these characters that are almost impossible to kill.