15 interesting facts we were never taught in school

Knowledge is not only found in school books. In the course of our lives we can learn many new things that we didn’t know existed. To prove it to you, we’ve put together a small list of facts that will pique your interest.

these 15 interesting facts that we don’t talk about enough

Do you want to shine in society? We have the perfect solution for you. No, it’s not about sticking your nose into books, it’s about reading our article. After revealing to you the untold secrets that the human body hides from you, we decided to put together 15 new very interesting anecdotes that you can share with your friends. Don’t thank us, it’s a gift!

1) Knowledge of the Mesopotamians

1700 years before Newton and Copernicus, the Mesopotamians understood that the earth revolves around the sun. They also knew that the moon affects the tides and that the earth rotates on itself.

2) the birth of a giraffe

When a baby giraffe is born, the baby falls more than 1 meter 80. After this shock, the newborn also begins to breathe.

3) Life is born from orange

A company called “Juicy Compagny” covered a deserted area with more than 1,200 tons of orange peel. Sixteen long years later, a huge, completely overgrown room had formed.

4) Mutual help between crows and wolves

Wolves and crows have learned to help each other survive in the wild. Some of these birds sometimes even call for packs when they encounter the carcasses of dead animals. The wolves then open it halfway so that the crows can feed on the inside of the animal.

5) A table and a blanket at the same time

In Japan there is such a thing as kotatsu. These are low tables on which you can eat, but which also serve as a place to rest. Because of this, they are equipped with a thick blanket and even a built-in heater.

6) the story of a fart on an airplane

In 2006, a woman tried to mask the smell of one of her farts by lighting a match. Little problem, she was on a plane at the time. His act then led to the emergency landing of the ship. The FBI will open an investigation into the incident, but the woman will not be charged.

7) a dream comes true

In 1992 Thomas Cook and Joseph Feenay shook hands and vowed to share their winnings if he won the lottery. 28 years later, Tom will win $ 22 million as promised and give his friend half of his jackpot.

8) milk bars in Rwanda

In Rwanda, people go to milk bars to have a drink and meet new people.

9) the Simpson family exists

The Simpsons exist in real life. Series creator Matt Groening’s parents were Homer and Marge. They also gave birth to two daughters named Lisa and Maggie.

10) Dodecahedron: strange inexplicable objects

Researchers have managed to get their hands on curious objects from Roman times. They call themselves the dodecahedron, but right now nobody really knows what it could be used for …

11) An ambitious doctor takes power in Denmark

In the 18th century the king’s doctor took power in Denmark. Johann Friedrich Struensee will lead the country for over a year. During his reign he will abolish serfdom, suppress censorship and even have an affair with the queen. It is still executed in 1772.

12) Yuri Gagarin’s childhood

Before the Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first person to travel into space, he had to overcome many obstacles. His village was raided by the Nazis and the boy then witnessed how his younger son (rescued by his parents) was hanged and the rest of his older siblings were mistreated and forced into labor.

13) an extremely rare blood group

There is an extremely rare blood group. It calls itself “Sara” and would flow through the veins of only two families in the world.

14) The creation of Ben & Jerry’s

In 1977 Jerry Greenfield was rejected from medical schools and Ben Cohen could no longer make a living from his work as a potter. They then decided to start a bagel shop. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the money to buy a bagel machine. So they signed up for a $ 5 ice cream cooking class. A year later, the Ben & Jerry’s brand was born!

15) kettle and soccer games

England experiences a veritable increase in energy consumption every half of a football game. This would be due to the massive use of kettles in homes at this point in the meeting.

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