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15 anime characters are almost impossible to kill

In the anime’s ruthless jungle, some characters are simply impossible to eliminate because they are immortal. Regardless of the means used, many protagonists and antagonists never die or regenerate automatically. For you today, here are 15 immortal anime characters.

Prohibition of the seven deadly sins

Ban is immortal, he cannot perish or grow old. An immortality that was achieved through the search for the fountain of youth. This property serves him throughout the series and repeatedly avoids unpleasant situations. However, this immortality prevents him from feeling alive and he often looks for physical agony.

Alucard from Hellsing

There is no such thing as immortality in Hellsing’s world, but Alucard comes closest to it. As a vampire, when he sucks blood, he sucks the souls of his victims, which can significantly extend his life expectancy. He also remains more powerful than any of his opponents.

Saitama in a batsman

In theory, Saitama is not immortal. However, no opponent can withstand him, including a giant meteorite charging straight at him. Indeed, Saitama can easily defeat anyone in one fell swoop.

Koro Sensei in the classroom for assassinations

In theory, Koro-sensei is not immortal, but it is almost impossible to kill. If it’s made of antimatter and explodes, it can wipe out the entire planet (or the moon, right). In addition to the weapons specially designed for him, he is completely invulnerable. Its immeasurable power and speed make it unattainable. We won’t spoil the ending of the anime, but its only weakness is its students.

Ryuk in Death Note

As the god of death, Ryuk can only wield the remaining weapon in two ways. Either he stops putting names on his death note or he acts with the intent of saving a human life.

Kaido in one piece

Kaido is a member of the Four Emperors, one of the four most powerful pirate captains in the One Piece world. Endowed with near immortality, he survived forty attempts at execution and got out of almost every battle unscathed without a single scratch.

CC by Code Geass

CC lived for centuries and suffered fatal injuries. Nothing can withstand it, whether it’s the ball in the head or the stake. Her inability to die has led some people to make repeated attempts to kill her.

Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Technically, Kyubey’s body is vulnerable. It instantly creates a new identical body with the same memories and skills. In addition, the new body takes on the remains of the old one to feed itself. He does not feel any physical or emotional pain. Its only purpose is to eliminate witches and prevent the universe from disappearing.

Hidan from Naruto

Hidan’s immortality is based on extensive experiments with the various techniques of the Jashin religion. His immortality gives him the opportunity to survive multiple devastating attacks. Many means are used by the enemies of Hidan to overcome it. Shikamaru in particular attempted to tear him into a thousand pieces in an explosion by using hundreds of explosive scrolls wrapped around his body.

Kars from JoJo’s bizarre adventure

As the leader of the Pillar Men, Kars is one of the most powerful characters in the universe of Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Most of his opponents have trouble injuring him because he can manipulate light and produce blades. It can also access the DNA of any living being.

Ajins Kei Nagai

Kei Nagai is an Ajin. This means that he has no chance of dying and his body automatically refills. This unique ability makes it a prime target for human experimentation at the Ajin.

Joseph of the old Magus Bride

Joseph received the curse of eternal life after partnering with Cartaphilus, an immortal, sick person for whom he was responsible. Result, an eternal life in a lazy body that makes its existence an excruciating torment.

Miria and ISaac in Baccano!

Baccano! contains a large number of immortal characters in his universe due to an elixir that offers eternal life. Exceptions are Miria and Isaac, two characters from the manga and cult duo. In fact, they accidentally become immortal and ignore this ability for a long time. After 70 years, Isaac realizes that they haven’t aged a bit.

Rin Asogi from Mnemosyne

Rin Asogi has lived for over 1000 years. At the origin of her immortality, the fruit of the time of the Yggdrasil tree that she consumed. Sure, she is capable of dying, but it is guaranteed that she will relive with the same personality and memories every time. A story without end.


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