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14 things to remember in this first episode

Finally the time has come. The long-awaited first episode of the series exploring the multiverse after it opened in Loki landed on Disney + today. If this program deviates from the performance of the MCU, the concept is very promising. As is the norm at Marvel Studios, there were a few important little things to keep in mind in this very first episode that depicts an alternate reality of Steve Rogers’ adventures.

Leave Captain America, this is Captain Carter

In this alternate scenario, Peggy Carter is more confident and decides to stay while she injects Steve Roger’s Super Soldier Serum. However, a HYDRA agent takes the opportunity to sabotage the earlier experiment and injures Steve before he can get the serum. To save himself the very long and expensive research to develop the serum, Peggy jumps into the capsule to inject it. Captain Carter was born.

Against the backdrop of sexism and American puritanism, she first struggled to be accepted by men, devastated that a woman could have gotten the super soldier serum. Throughout the episode, roles will be reversed from the original timeline. Peggy Carter would eventually assert herself as a strong supporter of the U.S. Army, and it was ultimately she who would save Bucky Barnes from the grip of the Nazis. After all, it is she who will end up in 2012 in a different way.

The Observer

I am the guardian. I watch everything that happens here. But I can’t, don’t want to, and don’t want to interfere.

These are the words of the guardian. He is part of a race that is the oldest in the universe, and the Guardians watch everything that happens in every reality.

Chester-Phillips dies

The character played by Tommy Lee Jones in Captain America; The First Avenger is one of the main characters in the film. Unfortunately, What If …? the character was killed before the episode began.

Dorf Tonsberg in the series

The village of Tonsberg in Norway was where Odin fought the cold giants of Jotunheim thousands of years ago. The battle took place in AD 965 when King Laufey tried to conquer the earth. The village has also hosted the Tesseract for centuries. Even so, Red Skull finally got their hands on it.

The theft of the jeep

When they were about to kiss, Howard interrupts Peggy and Steve by asking them to ride in a jeep stolen by Bucky. The scene could be yet another callback to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which Steve steals a car on his way to Camp Lehigh, Virginia.

Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford’s sexist Colonel Flynn is a nod to his character in a 2013 Agent Carter comic book, according to chief author AC Bradley. This character wasn’t in Captain America: The First Avenger, so Peggy’s decision to stay in room wasn’t the only change in the timeline.

Howard’s designer clothes

The box of Peggy’s costume contains the designer clothing label Howards in the picture of the chic London department store Harrods.

Captain America Roadshow

Steve mentions the possibility of Peggy Carter being sent on tour to introduce Captain Carter and that is exactly what happened to Steve in the original timeline.

Iron Man 60 years ago

Obtaining the Tesseract allows Howard Stark to craft Iron Man style armor. Additionally, this armor in question is clearly a great reference to the Mark I when Tony Stark built it in Afghanistan while in captivity. In the original timeline, that very first release didn’t take place until 2008, more than 60 years later.

HYDRA crusher

The Hydraulics Crusher looks like the Iron-Monger armor which is none other than the Mark I upgraded by Obadiah Stane in the very first Iron Man installment.

a reference to a film directed by Clint Eastwood

The train robbery is called Operation: Where Eagles Dare, which seems to be a reference to a 1968 Clint Eastwood film.

A reference to Bucky Barnes

During the train scene, Peggy Carter saves Bucky when he slips off the head of the train. Then he said that she “almost ripped off” his arm. A nice nod to the main continuity where Bucky really falls off the train and loses his arm. Salvaged by Hydra, who gave him a cybernetic arm, he was brainwashed and the Nazi organization turned him into a winter soldier.

heddy lamar

At one point Howard mentions spending the weekend with Hedy Lamarr, who was known as a Hollywood star from the 1930s to 1950s. She also helped develop a frequency hopping system to get radio controlled torpedoes out of the way during World War II. Similar techniques were then used in Bluetooth and WiFi technologies.

Shuma Gorath

At the end of the episode, an alien with tentacles emerges from a portal from another dimension in one of Hydra’s bases. In fact, that creature could possibly be Shuma-Gorath in the MCU. He is one of the oldest interdimensional villains who first appeared in a similar form in Marvel Comics Premiere # 10.

Interestingly, the episode ends with Peggy Carter returning from the dimension in which she is trapped by the alien. When she finds herself in the modern world after passing the portal, she does not age, which means that the dimension existed outside of time, like the Citadel of Immortus in Loki.

And besides, if you just want to dive back into the Loki series, you will discover all the variants that have been discovered.


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