14 character mashups taken straight from a parallel universe (part 2)


Last March we presented the work of Sandevil, an artist who decided to merge characters from different franchises for a result that is as surprising as it is fascinating. Several months have passed since then and the artist has not been idle. In fact, several new creations have appeared on his Instagram account here, the opportunity for us to share his unpublished achievements with you. 14 new mashups that have their origins in Marvel, SpongeBob, DC or The Minions. New creations that you can discover right below. And if you want to discover even more, don’t be afraid to take a look at the artist’s Instagram account.

# 1 Disney x lighting studios

# 2 Madagascar x DC Comics

# 3 Wall-e x Star Wars

# 4 minions x quick and angry

# 5 Joker x Gambit

# 6 Carlos Tentacle (Spongebob) x Pirates of the Caribbean

# 7 Spongebob (Patrick Starfish) x suicide squad

# 8 Johnny Depp x Joker

# 9 wonder x great hero

# 10 Matrix x Harry Potter

# 11 doraemon x terminator

# 12 miracle x the wizard of oz

# 13 fix-it felix jr x thor

# 14 Spongebob (Patrick / Plankton) x dragon ball

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