13 years later, “Governo Sombra” leaves TSF and changes its name

13 years later, “Governo Sombra” leaves TSF and changes its name

It becomes a podcast of “Expresso” and stays on SIC Notícias. The four members carry on.

It will no longer be the “shadow government”.

So far, Carlos Vaz Marques, João Miguel Tavares, Pedro Mexia and Ricardo Araújo Pereira have formed the “Governo Sombra”. Now the TSF program will give up and become an “Expresso” podcast under a different title. It remains a television program on SIC Notícias.

The Quartet’s return – with this news – is scheduled for next Friday, September 3rd. The change will be related to the conflict that journalist Carlos Vaz Marques currently has with the leadership of TSF and the Global Media Group.

On August 17, Carlos Vaz Marques posted a text on social media explaining his disagreement with the radio director and the company that owns the media – describing the situation as “professional bullying” after not agreeing to a pay cut had and saw the end of his program “Livro do Dia”. The journalist guaranteed that the case would go to court.

“Governo Sombra” started on TSF in 2008 and switched to television in 2012. It was on TVI24 until 2019. When Ricardo Araújo Pereira switched to SIC at the beginning of the following year, the program switched to the same television station and remained there at TSF. Now the title has to be changed as the show no longer belongs to the Global Media Group.

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