13 completely unnecessary Christmas gifts you dont want to buy


The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and you urgently need inspiration? Fear not, dear readers, we have prepared an article for you that lists the worst gifts imaginable. If you have a lot of humor or don’t like someone, there is no doubt that you will find the jewel among the 13 gifts that we present to you here.

# 1 The streaming roulette dice

Do you hesitate which program to watch every evening? Your heart fluctuates between a good old documentary about Arte, Netflix or Disney +? Throw the dice and let chance choose for you!

# 2 Flippin mittens, the ideal mittens for showing your dissatisfaction

To buy them and lose their nerves on your pesky uncle or big heavy who would be coming to your New Years party without an invitation, you can go here.

# 3 the pizza bag, a must have for any self-respecting beau

Note for pizza lovers: thanks to this really practical bag, you can always go for a walk with your carefully cut piece. To be the undisputed king of camping, this is the place.

# 4 mark zuckerberg bad carpet

If you feel like wiping your feet while you ponder Mark’s benevolent face, this is it.

# 5 The inflatable rose bottle for sunny days

If you’re tired of COVID-19 and can’t wait to swim in the clear blue waters of an island paradise, the inflatable rose bottle is your ultimate travel companion. Available here.

# 6 The trout pillow to make acrobatic dreams come true

If the good trout is your hobbyhorse, you will be delighted to know that you can find this pillow for your purchase here.

# 7 Luckies of London socks, canned socks

These socks are ideal for anyone who loves beer, color, and comfort. If you want to tell someone they’re a real alcoholic but don’t know how to go about it, we have the perfect gift here.

# 8 the ELECTRI t-shirt, the ideal t-shirt when you forget your mask

If you’re scared of forgetting your mask in the morning, this mask t-shirt will be your best ally. It will also give you an undeniable ninja side. Shop here.

# 9 The baguette pack, ideal for those who like to eat the quignon on the go

If you like the idea of ​​looking like a new breed of Robin Hood and are addicted to bread, the baguette pack can quickly become a must-have item.

# 10 The pillow for connected people

Can’t sleep without your precious laptop and feel lonely at times? Opt for the Pillow One S, a phone cover that sits on a cute little pillow. Ideal for a good night’s sleep.

# 11 Snack mingo to take your aperitif biscuits to

Whether you’re in a swimming pool or skiing (when the resorts reopen), the snack mingo is ideal. This bag (especially compact, of course, otherwise it’s not really fun) is used to take away to achieve a beef effect.

# 12 The L.Ban beverage dispenser, ideal for sock juice

Was 2020 really a bad year for you? Install your special Christmas drinks machine now! Alcohol is supposed to be consumed in moderation (see you soon), a little strawberry syrup could fill these lovely Christmas socks. An unusual invention available here.

# 13 The stubble stoppers to avoid farting your toe against a piece of furniture

If you’re used to furniture corners, this Bob the Builder style toe protector should appeal to you. Wear a helmet and save your big toe!