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11 little-known facts about the big stars of the ’90s

Everyone is still talking about the stars of the 90s, whether Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks or Winona Ryder. Today we invite you to discover 11 little-known anecdotes about them so that you can learn all the little secrets of the stars.

1) Danny Devito took Mara Wilson under his wing

For decades, Danny DeVito has managed to portray some truly disturbing characters. Just look at his role as Penguin in Batman Returns or his more recent role as Frank Reynolds in Philadelphia. This man has a unique ability to play this type of character. And in Matilda (1996 film), he and Rhea Perlman (his real-life then-wife) play despicable parents once again. However, in real life, Danny DeVito seems to be a very nice person. During the filming of the film, Mara Wilson, who played the role of Matilda, had to deal with the fact that her mother was suffering from cancer in real life. Danny DeVito and his wife then took the young woman under their wing and were a second family to her. Mara Wilson later said on the subject:

When my mother was sick and in the hospital, they invited me to their home, took care of me and distracted me. It was like a second family.

2) Robin Williams walked around San Francisco as Mrs. Doubtfire

While filming Mrs. Doubtfire in San Francisco, the actor decided to have a little fun. Once the makeup was done that turned him into Mrs. Doubtfire, the latter wandered around town unbeknownst to anyone that he was actually Robin Williams in the flesh. The actor said in 2013:

Once I went into a sex shop in San Francisco disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire and tried to buy a double ended dildo. Only because. Why not ? And the guy was about to sell it to me until he realized it was me – Robin Williams – and not some older Scottish woman walking in… He just laughed and said, ‘Whoa, what are you doing here?’ and I left . Did I make the purchase? No. Did I get away with a really good story? Yes.

3) leonardo dicaprio had problems shooting some scenes in django unchained

In Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the vile plantation owner Calvin Candie, had a hard time reciting his lyrics full of very, very hateful adjectives against slaves. During the filming of one particularly verbally violent scene, the actor paused and explained that he had a hard time saying such horrors. Samuel L. Jackson then just looked at him and said, “Hey motherfuckers, it’s just another Tuesday for us. Jamie Foxx also weighed in at the time, stating that if the scene didn’t play out the way it was written, the others would be “very mad at him.” A slave owner at the time could have uttered such insults without any problems, and the film wanted to show this part of the story.

4) Tom Hanks, Martin Short, and Steve Martin regularly host “colonoscopy nights.”

If you’ve ever had a colonoscopy, you know that preparing for the procedure can be quite uncomfortable. In fact, before anything else, you need to clean out your colon first. The only way to do this is by drinking an infamous concoction that will force everything in your digestive system out. Most people prefer to go it alone, but that’s not the case with Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. So the three accomplices got into the habit of taking their exams on the same day in order to have “colonoscopy parties” the night before. The men all prepare for the surgery the night before, share a single car to get to the surgery, and drive off together. They do it every two years, as revealed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The actors explained that at their age, it’s important to get regular checkups to stay healthy: so take it lightly.

5) Ben Affleck is no longer allowed to play blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas

Even celebrities are not immune to the rules applied by casinos across Las Vegas. In May 2014, Ben Affleck was spending time in Las Vegas with his then-wife Jennifer Garner. He ended up going to the blackjack table where he was caught counting cards. According to an anonymous source:

He was playing blackjack at a high roller table on Tuesdays and doing pretty well. He’s very smart and he’s an excellent blackjack player. Suddenly, some managers approached Ben and told him. “You play too well. You must stop playing blackjack. You can play any other game at Hard Rock, but you are now banned from playing blackjack at our casino.”

Of course, card counting isn’t against the law, but it’s a practice that casinos watch out for and stop as soon as they see it. This takes the edge off the house, and as everyone knows, the house always wins.

6) Jeff Goldblum tried to hire a sex worker when he was 13

The actor shared this curious anecdote almost half a century later on assignment for The Graham Norton Show in 2016:

Puberty came around 12 and 13 and I had really strong urges but couldn’t see myself hanging out with my school friends so I had an idea. I had heard about the red light district so I took five dollars out of my dad’s wallet and went there. I paced for a while and finally went in and picked a girl. As I walked into the bedroom I said, “What time is it?” I looked at my watch and said, “I have to go, but I’ll be back.” I got scared and never came back. And then nothing actually happened until I was 18!

7) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father hit him as a child because he believed he was gay

Anyone who knows Arnold Schwarzenegger knows he has a lot of issues with women, but his parents thought he was gay when he was young. Homosexuality was very unacceptable back then, and his father beat him with a belt for it. In fact, hoping to become a bodybuilder, young Arnold Schwarzenegger had posters all over his room of other men practicing the sport. When his parents saw this, they assumed that he was attracted to men, since other boys his age hung posters of women instead.

8) Jim Carrey had three #1 movies at the box office in a single year

Jim Carrey starred as Edward Nygma (The Sphinx) in Batman Forever, but long before he took on that role, he made three #1 comedies in a single year. In 1994 Jim Carrey was indeed everywhere. The year begins with Ace Ventura: Cats and Dogs Detective on February 4th. On July 29, The Mask hit theaters, another big hit. And finally, the actor appears in Dumb and Dumber on December 16th. No other actor in Western cinema has accomplished the same feat.

9) Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies

There are fears of almost everything under the sun, and Nicole Kidman suffers from a relatively rare phobia: lepidopterophobia, or simply put, the fear of butterflies. She developed this fear as a child in Australia, and many attempts to get rid of it have never been successful:

Sometimes when I came home from school, the biggest butterfly or moth you’ve ever seen was sitting on our gate. I climbed the fence, crawled around the house—everything to avoid going through the front door. I’ve been trying to get away from it. I went into the big butterfly cage at the American Museum of Natural History and the butterflies were all over me but it didn’t work. I jump out of planes, I might be covered in roaches, I do all sorts of things, but I just don’t like the feel of butterfly bodies.

10) Adam Sandler actually crushed some kids

There’s a scene in Billy Madison where Billy (played by Adam Sandler) is having fun playing dodgeball with some kids. As you can imagine, as an adult, Billy has a certain advantage. In this scene, he knocks the kids unconscious by bombarding them with red balloons. And that scene really happened, with no special effects. In order for this to happen, the director insisted that the children’s parents agree beforehand, but even with their permission, the scene still went awry. One of the children broke down in tears (filming was interrupted or cut before this happened), and several parents angrily approached Sandler to tell him about the brutality of his acting. from EW says:

The parents came to me and said, “He’s a kid. You hurt him!” And I said, “No, no, no. That’s the stage!” I then asked, “Didn’t you read the script?” and they answered, “They are six years old, they cannot read yet.”

11) Winona Ryder got in trouble with the law

In December 2001, Ryder was arrested for shoplifting in Beverly Hills, California. She is accused of pocketing $5,500 worth of designer clothing and accessories at Saks Fifth Avenue. After her arrest, she was charged at her trial with four counts of robbery and one count of drug use. She was convicted of robbery, vandalism, and shoplifting, earning her three years probation, 480 hours of community service, a $3,700 fine and a $6,355 refund at the department store. He was also ordered to attend counseling and drug treatment sessions. After completing her community service, the charges against her were reduced to misdemeanor offenses and she was released from probation in 2005.

Winona Ryder finally declared that this arrest was “the best thing that could have happened to her”. The incident was the culmination of several years of major troubles for the actress and helped get her back on track.

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