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10 years after the game was released, this player shares an incredible technique to save time

It’s been almost a decade since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the most famous work in the franchise, was released. A particularly popular title that has been released on a variety of different platforms, from PC to Nintendo Switch across multiple home consoles. But even after years, the players still manage to make amazing discoveries there, like this incredible technology.

a technique shared by Skyrim a decade after it was released

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players take on the role of the Dragon’s Blood, also known as the Dragon’s Blood in the French version of the game, who is able to speak the tongue of the scales and point their finger as it is in the Prophecy is mentioned. After that, a walk through the entire Skyrim region begins. From Vendeaume to Blancherive via Markarth and Aub├ętoile, the coziest towns in the area open their doors to welcome you and sometimes rob you or kill you. Sometimes scripted, sometimes random events that can bring a breath of fresh air to Skyrim’s greatest players.

With its particularly large open world, which covers around 37 square kilometers, Skyrim holds secrets, Easter eggs and curiosities. Regardless of whether you have 50 or 300 hours, you can always discover and learn something at a crossroads or a Lauber cave. This is how many players share their discoveries, even though the game was released almost a decade ago. Such is the case with the player known as u / IcedBleachSir on Reddit who discovered a technique to improve eloquence skill easily and quickly. By hectically pressing the same button, the latter increases its abilities without doing anything or almost.

To do this, you must have already reached Act 3 of the main quest. After tending to the “traitor” Paarthurnax, it is imperative to catch a kite. Mighty and colossal creatures that embody a great order. Catching a live animal therefore remains a major challenge. To make it easier for you, make your way to the town of Whitener, whose Jaarls Palace, Dragon Fort, houses a trap specially designed to capture this type of beast.

During the conversation you can try to convince the Jaarl to cooperate enthusiastically. As long as no peace treaty is signed, the Jaarl will refuse, as he does not want to risk weakening his city while a war is at the gates. But you should know that trying to convince Balgruuf will gain eloquence points. Thus, by repeating the process, it is possible to raise the levels with ease. A blessing for some, a cheat for others. A technique unknown to many gamers who did not fail to thank the internet user before sharing their little secrets.

Other common techniques include a way to climb the incantation tree with the souls trapped on corpses spell, climb the illusion tree over and over again with the harmony spell, even though it is a master spell. Techniques that some people prefer to avoid that easily ruin the immersion. Anyway, it’s nice to see that almost a decade after its release, players are still learning new things about a popular game. Did you know this technique on your side? Don’t hesitate to answer us via the survey below before sharing your techniques in the comment section.


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