10 Underrated Horror Movies To Spot On ASAP

As we know, horror films rarely get high marks on review sites. It has to be said that many of them play the same codes and at the end of the day viewers are often disappointed. Netflix has a significant number of low-rated films, and among them we’ve selected 10 that are worth a look, despite their not always top ratings. If you’re looking to watch a horror movie with your significant other this weekend, here’s a little boost with this list of 10 sub-horror movies you should watch on Netflix.

# 10 eli

Eli’s story begins particularly badly when a boy with an autoimmune disease is forced to move into a house with his family to begin treatment in an isolated clinic. As soon as the treatment begins, hallucinations and delusions of increasing intensity will seize the young man. We find the codes of many horror films (cold colors, slamming doors …), but we really appreciate the extent of the unspoken in this film. A pretty interesting bias towards scriptwriting and a few moments of thrill are guaranteed. A horror movie that we recommend.

# 9 no sound

The summary of Not a Noise, rather short and to the point, is as follows: “A young deaf writer who retreated into the depths of the forest to live in solitude must defend her life in silence, if a masked murderer so sadistic as well as determined, appears in his window “. This film is part of a well-known sub-genre of horror cinema, the “Home Invasion”. We especially liked it because it polishes the details and lets us go through a lot of different emotions, but also because it has fun with the house invasion codes so that we can be better surprised afterwards. The leading actress Kate Siegel (wife of Mike Flanagan, the director of the film) plays an outstanding role. We jump and are necessarily empathetic to this woman who cannot cry when the worst seems to be happening to her.

Cargo ship No. 8

Andy is in Australia and has his baby with him. Unfortunately, Australia is now a land of the living dead, and he was just bitten by one of them. He knows he only has 48 hours to say goodbye to his humanity. So her only goal is to meet someone she can trust and who is worth taking care of her baby. He has to fight the first symptoms to save Rosie, her child. We appreciate this film, which does not revolutionize the genre of zombie films, but brings a new perspective on the matter. Some metaphors are also specially edited, particularly between Andy and the Aborigines. An oh so scary film, a drama full of horror that is not suitable for those who want to be afraid, but for those who want to have an adventure.

# 7 the third eye

What we like about Netflix is ​​being able to choose and discover works from around the world. The Third Eye is an Indonesian film, and we’re not exactly used to seeing it. The latter tells us the story of Alia, who decides to seek out a medium to discover the dark secrets hidden in the house of her childhood. She then discovers the existence of another world. This is a horror film in the pure style of the country, namely, featuring typical Asian women with long black hair covering their faces, with quick and jerky movements and other elements of the genre. . The film gives us a few moments of coldness, but frankly, precisely because of its aesthetics, it is very much appreciated.

# 6 his house

A young couple of refugees who fled the horrors of the war in South Sudan settle in an English town ravaged by another disease. We know the concept of the “haunted house” by heart, but his house, while not the masterpiece of the century, manages to conquer us as it mixes genres. What we also like is that the scenario holds up. We are not in the “total WTF with more inconsistencies than answers” even when dealing with the supernatural. We’re still a little hungry knowing the movie could have done better, but you can watch it on a winter evening, warm under your covers, believe us.

# 5 Aterrados

This story takes place in Buenos Aires and is frankly effective. We follow the story of Albreck, Jano and Rosenstock, three ghost hunters who are called when unexplained events occur. For example, they are asked to explain how a recently deceased child can decompose at a table during breakfast. In terms of production, we appreciate that the movie’s codes change a bit from what we’re used to seeing. It has to be said that the film is Argentinian and therefore different from classic American productions. The film puts you in a macabre atmosphere that is unhealthy at will and you are sure to be under the influence of intense agony until its end. Some flaws, of course, but without a doubt a movie to watch.

# 4 el bar

El Bar was a little favorite (it has to be said that the editor loves the locked doors). The film begins with a very good film behind closed doors in Madrid in a small bar where people from very different social classes are welcome. A customer walks through the door to get out and is then shot by a sniper. The other people who are still in the bar are trying to barricade themselves and understand where the shot is coming from. It doesn’t take long for crazy theories to pop up. The atmosphere is perfectly scared and there are many twists and turns. A small treat that was also awarded the Méliès d’Argent for best European fantastic film in 2017.

# 3 the good apostle

The good apostle follows in the footsteps of Thomas in 1905, a young drug addict who had to shake himself up and get back on track to help his sister. The latter was actually kidnapped by a religious community that lived on an island far from the rest of the world. This well-oiled micro-society is sure to bring you nightmares. The good apostle (Apostle in VO) is indeed a clever film between religious utopia, personal interests and dangerous investigations. The horror is expertly orchestrated and will appeal to those who love cult stories.

# 2 don’t fall asleep

In Not Asleep, a young (very lovable) couple adopts an orphan boy (with an angelic face), whose dreams and nightmares come to life when he falls asleep. The film has some really nice shots that shouldn’t be missed, and its director Flanagan sometimes manages to take it to unexpected heights. The film is scary, beautiful, disturbing, and focuses on a young child’s imagination. The monstrous appearances are successful and very skillful. A great horror movie to watch if you don’t go out this weekend.

# 1 errementari the blacksmith and the devil

In this ranking we had the opportunity to discover horror films with very different subgenres. However, we lacked a job like Errementari, a mixture of horror, humor and storytelling. This is a fascinating Basque film that plunged us into the heart of Spain in 1841. The movie poster doesn’t pay homage to him: we’re expecting another mundane horror film, and we’re wrong. Learn the story of a government ambassador who follows in the footsteps of a mysterious lonely blacksmith who is accused of making a pact with the demon. It sometimes feels like the movie coincides with Pan’s Labyrinth, but it ends up deviating from it in many ways. The touch of humor and self-irony will pass the pill even to those who do not really like horror films, and pleasantly surprise those who, on the contrary, appreciate the genre. We highly recommend it.

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