10 totally shitty devil fruits that nobody wants

The Fruits of the Devil in One Piece are a bit of a lottery: you never know what you’re going to fall for! Like the Nen (Hunter X Hunter), the Chakra (Naruto) or even the stands (Jojo’s bizarre adventure), they allow the writer to express their creativity and give strategic influence to the battles. After reviewing the strongest fruits that are underutilized by their user, place yourself in the top 10 least powers of One Piece.

The Poke Poke No Mi de Blamenco

Blamenco is the commander of the deceased Whitebeard’s 6th Fleet Division. He fights with a giant mallet that is several times his size. But where did he put such an object, will you tell me? Well, this is where its devil fruit power comes into play. The latter allows him to store items in his own body via two pockets sewn onto his neck.

And that’s it. Other fruits, like Caribous Numa Numa no Mi, impart a similar ability while being more useful. In short, we’ve seen better. Additionally, this power could be a reference to old comic strip gags in which the character is a giant object out of nowhere to slap his opponent – which wouldn’t be surprising given Oda’s appetite for comic book sources.

kinemons fuku fuku no mi

Kinemon “The Fire Fox” is a powerful samurai from the land of Wah, the current leader of the Red Sheath. Excellent swashbuckler, capable of cutting fire himself. Fortunately, because it is not his devil fruit that could help him with anything during a fight. Indeed, the Fuku Fuku no Mi allows its user to create clothing (see disguise below).

To do this, he has to put a pebble or a leaf on his head and say “Poof” – “Doron” in VO. Clothes disappear when they are removed. They are generally used for dressing or warming up. Kinemon can also create a portal that will automatically attract anyone who walks through the portal – Kin-chan Gofukuten, literally “at Kin the Schneider”. He used this technique to facilitate the infiltration of Onigashima Island. A force that makes it possible to dress up en masse that promises!

le nui nui no mi de leo

Leo is the captain of the Tontatta army – a very small tribe, the dwarves we associate with fairies – and, incidentally, the commander of Luffy’s 5th fleet. His devil fruit enables him to “sew” any living thing in order to immobilize it (photo below with his poor grandmother). If that power can be useful, it’s still one of the least impressive in the manga.

the beri beri no mi von Oberst very good

Very Good – also called “Berry Good” in reference to its devil fruit – has popped up in the Enies lobby during the Buster Call events and will only have made a brief pass through Oda’s work. He is quickly defeated by Franky and is forgotten as quickly as possible he has arrived.

Its power allows it to divide its body into several parts, much like berries. The latter are insensitive to blows and rebound. Unfortunately, this ability not only has a negative impact on the user’s strength, but also makes them completely helpless if their head is hit by the opponent. Funny, but very useless.

streusens kuku kuku no mi

Streusen is the chef on Big Mom’s crew and the very first official outside of the captain. He ate the Kuku Kuku no Mi, which enables him to turn any natural object into edible food. Streusen could thus obtain slices of meat by cutting a block of wood. Although nutritious, the food obtained from this power tastes bad. A real troll, this Oda!

Jinzo Akuma no Mi by momonosuke

Featured during the Punk Chance arc, Momonosuke is an 8 year old boy wearing the traditional samurai tunic. He is also the biological son of Oden Kozuki. Hungry, he came across a strange looking fruit: It was actually Jinzō Akuma no Mi – literally “artificial devil fruit”.

Once eaten, it gives the user the power to transform into an eastern dragon. The latter was created by the scientist Vegapunk. Its official name has yet to be announced. In his kite form, Momonosuke can create small clouds that he clings to in order to fly. And that’s it. It appears that the side effects of the fruit cause undesirable and uncontrolled transformations in the user.

This downside suggests that Vegapunk’s attempt has been unsuccessful and users usually know how to use their basic skills in swallowing the fruit. In addition, no hybrid form has been observed so far. A force that is not very powerful and uncontrollable: we don’t want it!

the nagi nagi no mi by don quixote rossinante

Don Quixote Rossinante – also known as Corazon – was an undercover naval officer in the crew of Doflamingo, his own brother. He is also killed by the latter. Thanks to the power of Nagi Nagi no Mi, Rossinante can create completely soundproofed fields (see photo below).

As soon as you are in the vicinity, you can no longer hear any noises from outside. Conversely, every action carried out in the field is inaudible to other people. Rossinante can also completely suppress the sounds of people it touches without “locking them up” in its field.

While this power can be useful for assassination or espionage missions, its downside is that it gives no offensive potential at all. The inability to swim is still expensive. If you want to stop annoying your neighbors every time you invite friends to a party, you don’t have to eat this fruit.

Sharinguru Shari Shari No Mi.

During the Buster call, Sharinguru appears briefly in the arch of the Enies lobby. He fought Franky and suffered a quick defeat. His devil fruit allows him to turn parts of his body into wheels and spin them at high speed (see photo below).

This allows him to carry out powerful attacks, but remains completely powerless against more defensive enemies like Franky and his metallic cyborg body. His power is the only one that the Toei teams didn’t even want to adjust in the anime! It is to be said whether it is bad and of no interest.

the inu inu no mi: basset de lassou model

Lassou is both the weapon and pet of Mr. 4, a former officer in the criminal organization founded by Crocodile, Baroque Works. Its peculiarity? Lassou is basically a simple bazooka that scientist Vegapunk was able to use to ingest the fruits of the model basset Ino Ino no Mi (Fruit of the Dog), which is how he gained consciousness.

While ingesting the fruit brought a simple object to life, there is still a simple bazooka that involuntarily barks, paws, and shoots bullets when sneezing. Additionally, the basset (pictured below) doesn’t seem to be one of the most powerful dogs. It is difficult to imagine how this power could be used to advantage by anything other than an inanimate object.

Buffalo no mi Guru Guru

Buffalo is one of the officers in the Don Quixote family under Pica’s command. He is often seen fighting alongside baby 5, they seem to particularly like each other. Buffalo recorded Guru Guru no Mi, which allows him to turn parts of his body into a propeller by turning them at high speed.

With this ability, he can fly, attack people, and even create a gust of wind. Despite these advantages, this fruit seems to be just an improved version of Shari Shari no Mi, which was already mentioned in this tip for its extreme futility.

Buffalo does it well enough to gain a strategic advantage – for example, when he performs an attack in combination with the powers of Baby 5 – but the fruit overall remains very weak and of little use. As Cyrus has shown, anyone who has the power to stop the propellers by holding on to them completely neutralizes the force.

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments about the fruits you find worst!

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