10 symbiots that could have a place in the film


Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will hit theaters by September 2021 after being pushed back repeatedly. The first trailer made our mouths water, especially with the few twinks at the MCU and the arrival of the Carnage symbiote, moderated by Cletus Kasady. This is an opportunity to find out how Sony Pictures can use the various symbiots that will appear in comics in the future and thus adapt them in films. In the meantime, check out our top 10 symbiots that could have had a place in the movie.

# 10 hybrid

Hybrid, as the name suggests, is a hybrid symbiote made up of riot, phage, agony when they were imprisoned and tortured by the government. In order for them to survive, they banded together to share the remaining energy and eventually became one and the same symbiote: hybrid.


Cletus Kesady and Carnage were separated from Michael Hall for scientific reasons and imprisoned. He wanted to extract parts of the symbiote in order to integrate them into prostheses and thus give amputees the opportunity to control their artificial limbs through thoughts. However, Carnage eventually escaped and took control of one of Hall’s partners, Doctor Tanis Nieves in Carnage # 2, with the sole purpose of freeing Kasady. Carnage then resumed its original host but left his offspring in Doctor Nieves’ prosthetic arm. Due to his birth, Scorn can use and incorporate all kinds of weapons into his body to create devices of destruction.

# 8 scream

Scream was originally linked to security officer Donna Diego, who suffered from schizophrenia long before the Symbiote appeared. To test her powers from the time Scream was owned, she attacks a mall in California, where she meets Spider-Man, who was looking for Venom himself.

After his escape to the Mojave Desert, Donna Diego caught the attention of Spider-Man, but also of Eddie Brock, who became Venom again. The latter two were aware of their dangerousness and fought together against them and defeated them with a metabolic accelerator. Eventually she learned to deal with her mental illness and understood with her symbiote what enabled her to fight like a hero. She eventually allied with Venom and helped him fight a number of allies. Unfortunately, he killed her in the Venom # 15 comics.


Void Knight is one of the most powerful symbiots in the Marvel Comics universe. It was originally a prototype symbiote that aimed to enslave the Silver Surfer and turn him into a soldier for the Symbiote Hive. Their mission was to destroy all glowing life in the universe.


Toxin belongs to the carnage family and represents the 1000th part of its line. He is feared by Venom and even Carnage as he is expected to be the most powerful and dangerous symbiote of his race. Soon after birth, the symbiote bonded with cop Pat Mullgian.

# 5 Scorpio

This symbiote is closely associated with the famous director of The Daily Bugle, John Jonas Jameson. The latter began to have doubts about Peter Parker and wondered how he could take such photos of Spider-Man. JJJ then unofficially hired the private detective Mac Margan, who had investigated Peter Parker and thus unintentionally against Spider-Man.

The latter finally understood what was going on and could therefore easily avoid it. The director of the newspaper therefore paid $ 10,000 for the detective’s participation in an experiment, the main subject of which will be him. The experiment wanted to implant an animal gene into him. Unfortunately, years of experience drove the host crazy and posed an extremely dangerous criminal threat that led him to face Spider-Man and Venom several times when Norman Osborn started his own Avengers, the Dark Avengers.


This symbiote, distinctly different from the rest of the Klyntar family, is closely linked to SHIELD’s agent Mavis Trent, whose father was mysteriously murdered. When Mavis wanted to bring her murderer to justice, she was not aware that her father had the symbiote “Payback”, which does not belong to the same family as everyone else. The repayment was made from an electromagnetic organism made up of pure energy. She then integrated her father’s personality and memories into this symbiote and helped other characters from the comics to find justice by fighting against Norman Osborn, the SHIELD, but also against Iron Man.


Anti-Venom is a completely man-made symbiote that sets it apart from the rest of the Venom family. This peculiarity gives the host full control over his powers. When Eddie Brock found out he had cancer, an antidote was developed. It has shown tremendous healing abilities and has the ability to produce a large amount of antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any contamination from the body.

# 2 Lasher

Together with security guard Ramón Hernández, the host was able to use the symbiote to make tentacles and spears and use them as extra limbs. Lasher struggled with his Life Foundation siblings until they were all killed by the Scream symbiote.

# 1 Knull

Knull is arguably the most mysterious of the symbiotes who was there long before the creation of the cosmos. Venom and Carnage both descend from Knull, who is considered a symbiote god. This creation straight out of the dark is considered to be one of the most powerful entities in the world of comics, but it can be the key to better understanding the universe and the true origin of the symbiots.