10 students with overwhelming skill in anime

In anime, eyes are often used for something more than just seeing what’s around you. Therefore, if there are many skills that fans imitate, it is those of the students of our favorite characters. We’d already introduced you to one of Naruto’s best, and that gave us some new ideas … Over time, the Japanese animation industry has developed a number of series that highlight these features. We have therefore decided to offer you a ranking of the most powerful students who have ever appeared in an anime, without excluding those that are obviously from the Naruto anime.

The order of this ranking is based on the opinions of thousands of manga and anime fans around the world. These were collected through various surveys and discussion areas on the Internet. It therefore in no way reflects the opinion of our editorial team.

10) stone eyes of periwinkle (fairy tail)

As the name suggests, Stone Eyes enables its wearer to petrify all people who meet its gaze. As the petrification proceeds, the statues gradually crumble to dust. When individuals quarry, they die instantly. Unfortunately for Ever Green, wearing glasses is enough to block the spell.

9) Giro Giro No Mi swallowed by Riku Viola (One Piece)

Thanks to one of the devil fruits invented by Oda, Riku Viola received a variety of interesting skills. The young woman then became a “clairvoyant person”, that is, a being who is able to see through everything, inanimate objects as well as people, over a very large distance (up to 4000 km). In addition, she can now read the minds of people she meets in her field of vision. And that’s not all ! By consuming the Fruit Giro Giro no Mi, Violette was able to use her tears as dangerous projectiles.

8) Hiei’s Eye of Jagan (YuYu Hakusho)

Hiei’s Jagan Eye gives him many psychic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, mind control and memory erasure. It also enables him to see great distances and to properly channel his energy. Thanks to this surgically implanted eye, Hiei can use his black flames as well as one of the most powerful techniques ever to appear in an anime, The Dark Flame Dragon.

7) Aizawa’s Quirks Erasure (My Hero Academia)

The hero’s quirk eraser head allows him to neutralize the powers of multiple opponents with a simple look. “Erasure” does no harm to its targets, but remains a skill with unprecedented potential in a universe where superpowers are at the heart of society. However, Quirk has its limits. Shota Aizawa cannot blink while her ability is active or her spell will wear off.

6) Sir NIGHTEYES Alter Foresight (My Hero Academia)

Aizawa isn’t the only hero who uses his eyes to activate his quirk. Sir Nighteye also possesses powers that are very useful in combat and in everyday life. His ability to “preview” gives him the ability to see a person’s future as if they were watching a movie just by making contact with them. In the heat of the moment, the hero can then guess with great precision all the blows that his opponent has planned against him. Unfortunately, the “Foresight” age cannot be used once a day.

5) eyes of the Lord of Adam (WALKYRIE apocalypse)

If Adam, the first God-created man, could compete with the power of Zeus, it was probably because of the power of his incredible wards. With the eyes of the Lord, Adam was able to perfectly copy every technique his opponent had with equal or even greater strength. He could also anticipate all his attacks, including those that have the principle of the time stop.

4) Lelouchs Geass (Code-Geass)

Lelouch’s Geass manifests as the “power of absolute obedience” that enables him to control a person’s mind with only eye contact. Then he can defeat his enemies by planting them in the order of his choice. The antihero can even effortlessly ask the target to commit suicide. However, he can only use his Geass once on each person.

3) The Sharingan of the Uchiha clan (Naruto)

If you are a real anime fan, Sasuke, Obito, and Kakashi certainly have a special place in your heart. Why then ? Simply because they have the most beautiful and famous students in Japanese animation. These allow members of the Uchiha clan (and some other privileged ones) to copy the techniques of other shinobi, read an opponent’s attacks and create powerful illusions. Under certain conditions, the Sharingan can evolve into even more powerful forms. In this case, its wearer unlocks new skills, such as creating black flames that burn everything in its path or the materialization of a protective guard.

2) The Rinneganer (Naruto)

The Rinnegan is considered to be the most powerful of the “Three Great Dôjutsu” by Naruto. Legend has it that everyone who wears it was sent from heaven to become a “god of creation”. The capacities of these students are therefore, as you can imagine, limitless. They confer divine powers on their wearer, ranging from the manipulation of gravity to the reincarnation of deceased beings, including the ability to steal the souls of the living, to absorb the chakra or to manipulate demons into tails …

1) The sixth eye of Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The Sixth Eye is an extremely rare and unique ability of the Gojo clan. It enables the user to develop a better perception of the world around them and, in addition, enables them to unleash the full potential of their infinite power. Through this eye the power of Satoru Gojo becomes limitless. He can then redefine reality at will by designing space and time. The exorcist also sees much further and thinks much faster.

There are many other rare and powerful students apparently lurking in other animes. But we had to make a choice. The fans had to choose, and here is the result! Do not hesitate to tell us which eye power is the strongest of all for you. While you wait to read your feedback in the comments, discover our article on the 15 saddest animes of all time (500,000+ votes).

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