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10 stories ruined by the MCU

The MCU is a heavyweight in the entertainment world and strives to bring new productions to fans on a regular basis. Recently, the MCU and Disney + also made the WandaVision series and the Falcon and Winter Soldier series available to viewers. When both of these series received good reviews or received broad reviews, certain works by the MCU, while appreciated, have sometimes been criticized for failing to adhere to the reality of the comics or even missing out on an adaptation. So we invite you to discover 10 stories the MCU misadjusted according to comic book readers. It will therefore be a matter of developing parts that the MCU has sometimes scanned that caused certain frustrations among comic book fans. We’ll get started without further ado!

1) Avengers: Infinity War and the motivations of Thanos

In Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim’s comic series Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is motivated by the love of death to kill half the universe. The readers of the comics were utterly disappointed that Thanos’ stated motivation in Infinity War “simply” was to remove half of the living things in the universe in order to restore some “balance”. For readers, this overt nihilism is certainly laudable, but Thanos lacks a romantic depth that just didn’t fit the film at all. For readers, while the film is overall good, the transcription of Thanos’ passion and main motivation is completely missed.

2) Captain America: The winter soldier and the person who controls the winter soldier

In the comic series Captain America: Deadly Winter by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Mike Perkins, the former KGB agent Alexander Lukin controls the winter soldier, and that includes countless crosses with the Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube. This comic book series is utterly epic, and according to readers, the film pays absolutely no homage to all of these stories. While the MCU used Hydra to take control of the Winter Soldier, that relationship is sorely lacking in depth for comic book readers, while Alexander Lukin’s introduction would have allowed more twists and turns.

3) Wandavision and Wanda’s mental state

The WandaVision series was a huge hit on the Disney + platform and yet some internet users have been disappointed with the moments that come from the House of M comic book series. The WandaVision series is in fact inspired by several comic book series, most notably House Of M and Avengers Disassembled, series in which Scarlet Witch is far worse than the series. Comic book readers were disappointed that the directors didn’t go as far as the writers in relation to Wanda’s deplorable state of mind after losing vision along with their children. In Avengers Disassembled, Wanda completely loses his footing and even kills several Avengers. It is certain that the WandaVision series didn’t want to go that far with less than 10 episodes (not to mention that Wanda would have been difficult to reintroduce later), but the fact remains that some readers were interested in theirs to share disappointment about it.

4) Avengers: Age of the Ultron and the Ultron character

For many comic book readers, the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron was no homage at all to the terrifying Android Ultron in the comics. According to the comic book Avengers: Ultron Unlimited by Stan Lee, Kurt Busiek and George Pérez, Ultron is the organic enemy of all life on earth. Alkhema, one of Ultron’s robotic companions, is captured by Scarlet Witch, who gains strength in this comic book series. The series really shows us that Ultron is one of the most hideous plagues for the Avengers. Ultron doesn’t quite have the same flair in the MCU movie, and readers are lamenting that.

5) thor: ragnarok and the backstory

In the Planet Hulk comic series by Greg Pak, Carlos Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti, we discover one of the best Hulk stories of all time. The latter is actually sent to the planet Sakaar by members of the Illuminati, and the Hulk is then embroiled in a massive planetary war. He seeks allies in battle while trying to rid the planet of a particularly harsh repressive monarchy. Thor: Ragnarok uses this story by using it only as a backdrop, and for comic book readers, it “wastes” this incredible Hulk story (even though the Thor: Ragnarok movie is a good movie). Planet Hulk is of such good quality that the MCU’s writers could have made a single feature film out of it.

6) Thor: Ragnarok and Thor’s vengeance

The epic Thor, treated by Walt Simonson, is considered to be one of the most important stories about Thor of all time, and the film Thor: Ragnarok also uses it as a humble dress. Simonson’s work is a monument in itself. While Thor has lost all loved ones (including his wife, children, siblings, and parents) to living killers, Thor becomes a storm and promises revenge at all costs. If fans were willing to admit they loved Thor: Ragnarok as a film, some would have preferred a more faithful adaptation of Walt Simonson’s work.

7) Captain’s Miracle and the War between the Kree and the Skrull

Captain Marvel uses many elements from the comic book series Avengers: Kree / Skrull War by Roy Thomas, Nea Adams, Sal Buscema and John Buscema. This comic series introduces the Avengers into the great Marvel Universe by confronting them in a cosmic war. For many readers, this is an excellent job regarding the Avengers, and many of them have been utterly disappointed that it was not adequately developed in the MCU. We may find some more of that war in the Secret Invasion series that will land on Disney + in 2022.

8) Iron Man 3 and Iron Man’s Past That Has Not Been Forgotten

For many fans, Iron Man 3 unnecessarily wasted elements of the comic series Extremis by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, which is quite simply one of the best Iron Man comic series of the 21st century. In these comics, Iron Man had to face a far more powerful and technologically advanced opponent than him, Extremis, and the story was supposed to give a new impetus, a new beginning for the character of Iron Man. His past is barely mentioned and he is determinedly looking to the future. The point is, Iron Man 3 builds on the plot of Extremis, but overlooks a lot of the comic book series details that early fans disliked.

9) Captain America: Civil War and Civil War

Mark Millars and Steve McNiven’s Civil War comic book series shares some similarities with the movie Captain America: Civil War, but many other elements that the film failed to address or was too quick to address for fans. The comic book series did indeed focus on the issue of security in relation to freedom, a key point that has been questioned several times. For readers, Iron Man and Zemo put too much emphasis on the civil war the Avengers face and the many underlying philosophical questions portrayed in the comics.

10) the incredible hull and origins of the horror

The movie The Incredible Hulk is used to introduce the abomination, and regarding the origins of the abomination, it got stuck over the comics. In Tales to Astonish # 90 (by Stan Lee and Gil Kane), The Abomination is a Russian spy who tries by all means to get Banner’s gamma solution. For readers, the original abomination story is far better than what the MCU made of it in The Incredible Hulk.


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