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10 Screenwriting Inconsistencies and Setups in the Latest Marvel?

It’s been more than a month since the third installment in the trilogy dedicated to the MCU’s Spider-Man, No Way Home, hit theaters. Celebrated by critics worldwide, it is adored by millions of fans, who many consider to be one of the best films in the MCU. He is also so valued that he seems to have become almost untouchable. So tell your Spidey fans that No Way Home isn’t that bad after all and watch their reaction. Regardless of whether we liked Jon Watts’ feature film or not, the fact is that it is filled with many inconsistencies and screenwriting opportunities. We detail everything for you.

#1 The event that starts the whole scenario is ridiculous

Doctor Strange, the powerful magician who has been dubbed the Sorcerer Supreme, is distracted by a Peter Parker who cannot ponder the consequences of a collective oblivion spell for more than three minutes. The scene may be funny, but it’s still silly.

#2 There are far more than three universes

The villains from the old Spider-Man saga are back, as are the Spideys of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. These last two appear thanks to the portals created by Ned. Therefore, if the latter continued to open portals, it is certain that this caused Spider-Men to appear from other universes. But then he and MJ find out where Tom Holland’s Peter Parker might be and decide to leave. Thanks script.

#3 The sandman’s betrayal makes no sense

Much like Doctor Octopus, who is quickly healed and helps the Spider-Men achieve their goal, the Sandman is not inherently evil. He says it himself, his only goal is to return to his universe to be able to find his daughter there. So he has no interest in escaping with the other villains and turning against anyone who wants to send him home.

#4 Electro shouldn’t be here

For fanservice, Electro’s presence alongside the other iconic villains was inevitable. But script-wise, that doesn’t make any sense here. Persons from other universes are only meant to be those who know that Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. However, when he dies at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Destiny of a Hero, he doesn’t know his true identity.

#5 Venom from the original trilogy should have been released

Unlike Electro, the Venom/Eddy Brock should have appeared from the first Spider-Man trilogy. The latter knows that Peter Parker hides behind the Spider Man mask and devotes an unprecedented hatred to him, in addition to being one of the superhero’s most emblematic enemies. But with the mid-credits scene teasing the arrival of Tom Hardy’s Venom in the MCU, the writers had to make a (bad?) choice.

#6 The Green Fool is a Stormtrooper

No inconsistency here, but a dubious choice of scenario. After the big final battle between the three Spider-Men and the antagonists at the Statue of Liberty, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, “Spider-Man 1”, battles the Green Goblin bare-handed. He takes advantage and is determined to kill him to avenge his Aunt May. To prevent him from crossing over to the dark side of power, Tobey Maguire’s Peter stands in front of him, with his back to the buffoon. He takes the opportunity to stab him in the back…without touching a vital point. Result: Tobey survives, the Green Goblin has his salvation and everyone is happy. However, this one had all the time to aim for the heart or some other vital point of his enemy, and daring to kill the Spider-Man of the original trilogy would have been particularly daring!

#7 The Marvel Classic: The other superheroes went on vacation

We’re going to quickly address this point that comes up every time an MCU movie that focuses on a specific character comes out: Where are the other superheroes? What are the Avengers doing? What is Hawkeye doing who lives in the same town? Maybe they don’t watch the news.

#8 It is possible to make a serum that can cure any villain

The world, or rather New York, is being invaded by five super villains. But the three Peter Parkers refuse to eliminate them and prefer to treat them. The serum for this result is also created very quickly and works perfectly, as Doc Oc proves! But if it’s so easy to make such a serum, what’s the reason this serum hasn’t been used on every antagonist in the MCU before?

#9 Supervillain comeback doesn’t make sense

The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Electro: All three died at the end of the film in which they appeared. But in No Way Home, they’re safe and sound again. We could then say that the timeline between the universes is different. The portal between these was opened prior to their final battle against their respective Spider-Man. But that doesn’t last. If the portal opened before the Green Goblin had fought Tobey Maguire’s Spidey in the first film, then Octopus wasn’t evil yet. Ditto for Electro with the Lizard. If the characters are brought into the MCU universe before their final battle in the ancient sagas, then they shouldn’t have aged. No ?

#10 Doctor Strange’s forgetting spell shouldn’t have worked

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home is as moving as it is interesting to offer a fresh start to Peter Parker. In fact, he is forgotten, has disappeared from everyone’s memory, even his relatives. But nobody said that Doctor Strange’s spell erased all written or visual traces of Peter Parker’s true identity. After being the subject of everyone’s attention for several days, it should be enough to open a newspaper to read that Peter Parker is Spider-Man!

If you want to go beyond those inconsistencies and it’s more the tongue in cheek and references that interest you about Spider-Man: No Way Home, know we’ve got you covered with a very exhaustive list!


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