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10 questions that the last episode has to answer

The WandaVision series has been very popular over the past few weeks, and we hope that the final episode will close the series in the best possible way. In a previous article, we went back to the details that were absolutely essential to see regarding Episode 8 and the post-credits scene. Now here are 10 questions that the last episode of WandaVision absolutely has to answer.

Warning: This article contains loot for the first eight episodes of WandaVision. If you haven’t seen them, read no further.

# 1 who is behind this?

After episodes 7 and 8, and especially with the book presented by Agatha or even the letter “M” on the walls (the runes of Wanda), the hypotheses about the imminent arrival of Mephisto gained even more depth. On the other hand, it now appears that WandaVision is playing the comics Vision Quest in the post-credits scene of episode 8 and that, as in the comics, therefore, Kang could just be the villain manipulating everyone in the dark. At the same time, Agatha Harkness mentions the chaos magic that Chthon created in various attacks against humanity. Chthon is a demonic unit that Doctor Strange regularly fights against in the comics. So some think he’s the big bad guy on the show. After all, we don’t know who’s behind this and we can’t wait to find out.

# 2 are Wanda and Monica Rameau mutants?

In episode 8, during Wanda’s first review, we understand that Wanda already had powers even before he started experiments. This feat could very well herald the arrival of the X-Men in WandaVision and the MCU. We also saw that after Monica had paced back and forth in the hex, she had also gained powers. Will we finally be able to say for sure that these are mutants?

# 3 How is the hex destroyed?

The question we asked ourselves from the start will finally find an answer: How are the Hex and Wanda stopped in the broader sense? How can those in control of the newly named Scarlet Witch forgive her? We believe it will take years of psychotherapy, but we’re not sure if the MCU deals with this. So we wonder who will manage to get Wanda out of this swamp and how the Westview bubble will be absorbed.

# 4 What role will Agatha Harkness play?

As viewers, we are currently mixed with the character of Agatha Harkness. She was, in fact, guilty of betrayal of her family and was slated to die in 1693 during the Salem witch trials. She will end up killing all of her fellow human beings and even her own mother. She also killed Sparky, Wanda’s family dog, and is dying to know how Wanda created the hex. But for what purpose? We still don’t know. Does she want to make Wanda her protégé or, on the contrary, is she trying to serve the interests of the villain who pulls the strings or even serve her own interests? We’re finally going to find out which side of the Libra Agatha Harkness is really leaning, and if she can become a person who performs in other MCU productions.

# 5 What future for White Vision?

We were all very surprised to discover White Vision in WandaVision. It is a vision that has no feeling or emotion. We suspect that the SWORD will try to use it to fight Wanda, who will then find out how the body of the “real” vision was used. We wonder who can stop this white vision and how things will develop mentally for Wanda.

# 6 How will vision die again?

It’s a tragedy, but you have to be prepared: Vision has a very high chance of dying in the episode next Friday. Agatha revealed to us in episode 8 that Wanda was able to create her children through “Chaos Magic”, and the same certainly applies to vision (perhaps with a helping hand from the stone of chaos, the mind). It is very likely that Vision will disappear at the same time as the Hex, especially since Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place a few months after the events of WandaVision, and that Vision is on the list of characters who died in battle. So we will surely have to say goodbye to Vision in a few days, but it remains to be seen how.

# 7 What condition will Wanda end up in after losing Vision and her children again?

This is a question that torments us. We saw how much the death of Vision upset Wanda. How will she come to terms with Vision leaving her life again and this time forever? While they say goodbye to their two children, all made up of “Chaos Magic”. He’s definitely going to need someone’s help … Like Doctor Strange?

# 8 What happened between Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel?

We know it, we feel it, we follow it: something happened between Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel. In the finale of Captain Marvel (2019), little Monica Rambeau sees Carol Danvers fly away with amazed eyes. In WandaVision, when Captain Monica is mentioned in front of Monica, her face becomes so taut that her interlocutor changes the subject. We know Monica will be featured in Captain Marvel 2, so things have to work out between the two characters in the end.

# 9 who is really dottie?

Dottie is a very fascinating character from the WandaVision series. Many internet users also thought that she would be the third witch of the hex after Wanda and Agatha. Some believe it is Clea, the student and friend of Dr. Strange in the comics. For others, it would be Mephisto who took over the characteristics of Dottie to watch over Wanda. We can’t wait to find out who she really is.

# 10 what about the wrong Pietro?

It is now known that Agatha used the fake Pietro to manipulate Wanda, but it is not yet clear whether this is a Pietro originating from the X-Men universe or whether Agatha manipulated just one resident ” If the X-Men are well introduced in the final installment, the fake Pietro could be very symbolic. Who is he really if he’s not under Agatha’s control?

And you, what questions do you want the show to answer? Do you have any hypotheses on the questions already mentioned? Then we like to read them in the comments section!


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