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10 issues in the series that fans are dividing

Dragon Ball is a cult work that since 1984 has developed a lot of content, intrigue and stories that have made many young fans dream, and today much fewer young fans. But several elements were added during its creation that are either only useful during a story arc or serve only as script pirouettes. Today we look back at ten mistakes in the Dragon Ball universe that are dividing fans.

Fusion Addiction #1

Let’s start with what is probably the biggest student stereotype of the Dragon Ball license: mergers. There are as many as there are characters in the manga universe. There are currently more than twenty different fusions, either via dance or via potaras. And we haven’t talked about assimilations and other extraterrestrial techniques yet… If it was innovative and exciting at the beginning, fans get tired and regularly laugh at all the new fusions.

#2 Gohan’s glasses

No, no, nothing more to say than a glaring lack of taste. So much so that in the next Dragon Ball movie, the character’s transformation allows him to remove them so he doesn’t lose his natural pride.

#3 Dragon Ball GT and the timeline

While we could have just quoted the entire Dragon Ball GT as this opus is controversial, there are still points of interest in the series. However, with Akira Toriyama being less involved in the project, there were chronological errors in the Dragon Ball mythology, and Dragon Ball Super took pleasure in gradually deleting elements of the other series and making certain elements non-canon. And that’s a shame.

#4 the return of the return of the freezer return

Frieza is a real obsession for Toriyama, who pulls him off his hat very, too much; regularly as an unexpected threat. It was effective as he resurfaced on Earth repaired from his seemingly deadly fight against Goku, but if it was the fourth time Team Rocket would be preferred. Where bringing Cell back would be more interesting and original.

#5 the children of Goten and Trunks

One of the qualities of Dragon Ball is that the manga offers to follow the characters throughout their lives, see them grow old and raise their families. It’s exciting to see how Goku and Vegeta train their children to become the next generation of heroes. Unfortunately, the Goths and Trunks of the Boo arc are treated like a vulgar comic spring, with daycare-worthy jokes and adults passing the kids around like hot potatoes.

#6 Power over 9000?

It has become one of the most popular Dragon Ball memes. The characters are obsessed with measuring their strength that they have different devices for it. But these objects also create inconsistencies. While it makes sense to take stock of everyone’s strength, the new transformations and escalations only make this information preposterous. In fact, once a character gets too strong, most of them stop working. Proof that a good idea can also be very limited.

#7 the uselessness of man

First, we like the relationship between Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and the other people he trains with. But Dragon Ball Z and its big hooves say that Goku is a Saiyan, an alien, and that most of the other protagonists will also be aliens. Makes literally any fight involving a human unnecessary as the plane separating them from Goku is so important. And that’s a problem when trying to identify with a character. Especially since many of the manga’s favorite characters are actually humans!

#8 the development of androids

It’s no secret that the author doesn’t quite know where the journey is going when he starts a new series. The androids are glaring proof of this as he wanted 19 and 20 to be the only ones in the Cell saga. But the manga editor forced him to add 17 and 18 as “dominants”, which makes the whole storyline around Dr. Made Gero sloppy with those extra robots that don’t do much good. And that doesn’t get any better in the next movie, which will present us with new robots but also superheroes!

#9 Dragon Balls

It says a bit in the title, and at the same time it is mandatory to go through it. For them, Goku meets Bulma and they return regularly, but their terms of service seem to change according to the scriptwriting requirements. Earth’s Dragon Balls are among the most powerful, especially since Dende became their guardian, but there are many more in the universe that have other special abilities. It’s a slippery slope that regularly breaks the series’ laws.

#10 Gohan didn’t replace Goku

The biggest problem with the Dragon Ball license is that the author is way too attached to Goku to hope to get rid of him. But that creates a problem, which is that Gohan no longer has room to emancipate himself. The artwork installed the fact that Goku would die and Gohan would become the main character and surpass his father as the strongest man on earth. We would have liked Gohan to use an ultimate to defeat Goo, but Dragon Ball falls behind, preferring to give the win to Goku.

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