10 historical photos that hide terrifying secrets


The following photos show scenes from everyday life, it seems harmless. Family photos, selfie with friends, portrait … despite the very good-natured side of the photos below, there are indeed terrible secrets hidden. Here are their stories.

# 1 space mission

A photo of a weightless crew of astronauts who are visibly excited about this incredible opportunity that many people dream of. But the present moment will quickly give way to horror, as the shuttle is indeed badly damaged and the crew will not survive.

This is the crew of the Columbia Shuttle, whose space disaster occurred on February 1, 2003 during the STS-107 mission. It was destroyed during the atmospheric re-entry phase over Texas and Louisiana and all seven crew members were killed.

# 2 family photo in Northern Ireland

A family photo taken on the street, obviously banal. Except that it was actually taken shortly before the Omagh car bomb attack in Northern Ireland in 1998.

A bomb was placed under the red car next to the father and daughter by the IRA terrorist group (which fights the British presence in Northern Ireland with weapons). The attack will leave 29 victims, including the photographer. Father and daughter will survive.

# 3 Sign your death warrant

Everyone here recognized the artist John Lennon. The star signs an autograph for a fan, who turns out to be Mark Chapman, her killer. The moment was captured hours before Lennon’s murder, Chapman had his attack planned and was carrying the gun.

# 4 74,000 lives in one hand

The smiling man in front of what appears to be a military camp is none other than the physicist Harold Agnew, who holds the core of the Fat Man atomic bomb, which was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945 and claimed over 70,000 deaths.

# 5 final selfie

This selfie of two sisters and their friend looks classic, except that the light on the right that immediately catches the eye is the headlight of a train heading in their direction. This was covered by another who was coming in the opposite direction, whose girls wanted to greet the crew. A few seconds after the catch, the three girls are hit by the locomotive and do not survive. Tragic.

# 6 relic

This violin is a relic. This is the Titanic violin owned by Wallace Hartley, the ship’s conductor and first violinist. It was the one he played the night the Titanic sank. Survivors reported seeing Hartley and his gang on the deck of the ship during the sinking, trying to reassure passengers as they boarded inadequate lifeboats. Hartley and the entire group died in the sinking. The relic was found and Hartley returned the violin to its monogrammed case for safekeeping before his death. The object could be identified as Hartley thanks to an engraved brass plaque. It was returned to his fiancĂ©, who kept it until his death. His family certified it and sold it to an organization that collects Titanic artifacts for $ 1.6 million.

# 7 family man

A family photo that seems happy a priori. Besides the man in the middle is the serial killer John Edward Robinson, who holds the baby Tiffany Stasi, whose mother he murdered the day before. He’ll hide the truth for years and make everyone believe that young Tiffany has been adopted. It took me 15 years to find out the truth. John Edward Robinson has been on death row since 2000.

# 8 90s Oscars

Here are the composers of the lyrics and music for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. In this photo, they had just won the 1990 Oscars for The Little Mermaid. When Alan Menken looks joyful, his longtime writing partner Howard Ashman is more measured. When they return to New York, Ashman will tell Menken that he has the AIDS virus and will not be here long. This is the last moment between the two artists.

# 9 One word and an underwater hotel room

The man in the photo dived into his girlfriend’s underwater hotel room while on vacation in Tanzania and wrote her note along with a ring. But He drowned before He could return to the surface.

# 10 hike in Hawaii

Here is the photo of a child missing while hiking on the island of Hawaii. He wrote pictures of the landscape while hiking, but never returned home. Looking at the details in the photos, the family noticed that someone was hiding in the bushes in the photos.

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