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10 fully WTF alternate universes you can find in the multiverse

At Marvel, the multiverse is one thing we never laugh with. This term has been worked on for several decades and has eventually resulted in a long list of parallel universes. The best known are mainly Earth-616 and Earth-199999, which were developed in the comics and the MCU, respectively.

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To begin enumerating all the alternate realities of the multiverse would be far too long an undertaking. Indeed, the Marvel writers haven’t skimp on the imagination. The fruits of their labor have resulted in the creation of a number of universes that are very different from one another. Among them are some completely WTF nuggets. For these reasons, we decided to target this article.

Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies Universe

As you can see, the Maison des Idées has also given in to the “zombie apocalypse” trend. In 2005 Earth-2149 became a hunting ground for meat-hungry creatures. In Marvel Zombies, our planet is depopulated by a mysterious virus. Although some people survive, the vast majority of superheroes turn into cannibalistic zombies. The infection will spread uncontrollably, contaminating the entire universe.

A Marvel Zombies miniseries written by Robert Kirkman, author of the comic strips for The Walking Dead, even saw the light of day after the success of this universe.

Earth 8311: animal superhero

Maybe you’ve heard of Spider-Pig before? And yes, it does exist in Marvel Comics. It is part of a parallel universe called Earth-8311 in which superheroes are anthropomorphic animals.

In the comics dedicated to them you can follow the confrontations of Captain Cat-Américain or even Iron-Mouse against villains like Doctor-Duck Doom.

Earth-666: Realm of the Dead

Earth-666 is an alternate reality populated only by the living dead. Understand that the population that lives there is made up of deceased creatures reminiscent of our most famous supernatural monsters: werewolves, ghosts, vampires … In this strange universe divided into factions, superheroes still managed to get over the To persist beyond death. They call themselves the undead avengers.

Contrary to what can be imagined, the Earth-666 universe was not very successful. The adventures of Phantom Voodoo Brother and the other undead Avengers will only be the subject of a few issues throughout the Marvel Comics.

Earth-311: Back in 1602

Earth-311 was born from Captain America’s voyage into the Elizabethan era. The superhero is sent there by the purple man over a temporal tear. This return to the past will have dire consequences. In addition to disrupting pre-determined events, the arrival of Captain America will be the origin of the creation of contemporary superheroes and villains at a time when they should never have existed.

Apart from the fact that the population in 1602 does not yet seem ready to accept people with such powers. Wizards and other child prodigies are also the subject of a real hunt because of their gifts.

In these comics we find characters like Stephen Strange, doctor for Queen Elizabeth I, or Sir Nicholas Fury, who runs his spy network in the shadows.

Earth-9602: the cross between Marvel and DC

There was a time when Marvel and DC didn’t shoot each other in the pasta. In addition, the two publishers have already worked hand in hand. Under the imaginary amalgam banner, the two comic book giants have published several editions in which their flagship superheroes have teamed up. This spawned the birth of Earth-9602 and additionally enabled the creation of new characters.

In this universe two brothers collide. One represents Marvel and the other DC Comics. Each of them must choose 11 heroes who can represent the team they are defending. The elected officials are then asked to fight in violent duels to determine the fate of their respective universes.

This battle will finally take an unexpected turn when the various heroes are forced to bond with each other. This creates new characters such as Iron Lantern (fusion between Iron Man and Green Lantern). The conflict will never really find a winner. The superheroes will be separated after Access intervenes and the two universes will peacefully resume their course, each for itself.

Earth-2301: superheroes in manga sauce

In 2002, Marvel decided to start surfing an emerging phenomenon, Manga. The company then creates Earth-2301, which is also called Mangaverse. Through this new alternative world, the Maison des Idées is committed to rejecting its superhero-like universe in a new style.

This reinterpretation offers a result that, with few exceptions, comes pretty close to what we already know … Venom becomes an evil ninja even if The Punisher is turned into a pretty geisha.

Earth-90214: Marvel Noir

The Marvel Noir series immerses you in the dark atmosphere of the years 1920-1930. At that time, in contrast to Earth-616, our favorite superheroes are already around. But everything is not so rosy …

Each of the characters we know wears a particularly dark appearance, such as Spider-Man Noir or Luke Cage Noir. The world is particularly bad for good reason. Crime dominates and having super powers doesn’t sound as cool as you might think.

Earth-82801: The fantastic four are bananas

On the edge of the multiverse there is a strange parallel universe in which the Fantastic Four are bananas. The term is to be taken literally here.

On Earth 82801, Red Richards and friends do not travel into space themselves. They prefer to send fruit there. So these are four bananas that will eventually be exposed to cosmic rays and turned into a fantastic four at the same time. When they return, each superbanana is endowed with a power normally intended for our heroes.

Earth 807128: Rule of the Villains

Earth-807128 is an alternate reality in which the fate of the universe will turn into drama. The biggest bad guys will band together to destroy all superhero organizations (X-Men, Avengers, SHIELD …).

They will finally find their way. The result can be seen about fifty years later. The world will then be completely divided and placed under the yoke of various super villains. Crime and suffering are the daily survivors. Wolverine, one of the last remaining heroes, must restore order to get his revenge.

Earth-1228: The Marvel Bullpen becomes the Fantastic Four

Is Mr. Fantastic’s face ringing a bell? That’s completely normal, it’s actually Stan Lee’s. In 1978, Jack Kirby created an alternate universe in which he and his comrades would be heroes. This is called Earth-1228.

At Stan Lee’s request, he takes Sol Brodsky (vice president of Marvel Comics) and Flo Steinberg (secretary to Stan Lee) on his adventures. After receiving a mysterious box from the “S-People”, legendary Marvel characters transform into Fantastic Four. Each of them gets one of the powers of our famous heroes. Logically, Stan Lee becomes Mr. Fantastic, Jack Kirby becomes a thing, Sol becomes a human torch and Flo, the only woman in the group, takes on the role of the invisible woman.


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