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10 famous logos reworked in a grotesque medieval version

Logos are the identity of a brand. They are so popular that they cross generations and even become a source of inspiration for artists over time. A few days ago we presented you with several logos reworked in different and explosive styles, today we unveil the creations of a new artist.

When logos are re-imagined in medieval style

Ilya Stallone is a young artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The graphic designer recently launched his new series of illustrations entitled “Medieval Branding” on his social networks. So he decided to invite us on a little journey through time to the Middle Ages.

In his creations he takes the models of the most famous logos of the moment and gives them a medieval style. He obviously retains the elements that make all the salt of these symbols, but visits them often enough for them to stay in this very special time. Wondering what can there be? So Audi swaps its brand’s famous rings for carriage wheels, and Windows now features pretty stained glass windows… Don’t keep you waiting any longer, here are 10 famous logos reimagined in a grotesque medieval version.

#1 Cougar

#2 Youtube

#3 Starbucks

#4 window

#5 Lacoste

#6 Instagram

#7 Firefox

#8 Burger King

#9 Playboy

#10 Audi

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