10 characters with a much more tragic story in the comics


The MCU showed us, especially during Infinity War and Endgame, that things don’t always end well for our favorite heroes. However, certain areas of her life have been watered down in the cinema. We invite you to return to the episodes of your life that relate to your childhood or family life and that changed you because of the pain you felt. Take out your handkerchiefs and discover 10 characters you know well and whose lives have not always been rosy.

# 1 black widow

When we see Black Widow as Scarlett Johansson, we see an ordinary person with extraordinary talents for espionage and combat. In the comics, Natasha Romanoff was born in Stalingard in 1984 and is portrayed as a child who lost his parents in a fire and was kidnapped by an assassin training center.

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This center is designed to train very young girls to become remarkable spies and murderers. Black Widow was trained in a special room called the “Red Room” and underwent experiences (very little legal, we agree) that gave her additional skills and increased her life expectancy. Natasha Romanoff will admit to Bruce Banner:

In the red room where I was trained, where I grew up, they organize some kind of ceremony. They sterilize us all. It is effective. That’s one less problem. Not being able to have children is better. In fact, it makes things easier, even murder.

A childhood far away from the days of board games in the company of his grandparents.

# 2 Star-Lord

In the comics, Star-Lords father is a humanoid alien ruler named Jason of Spartoi and his mother is an Earth woman named Meredith Quill. Jason von Spartoi has to leave Meredith, who is expecting a child, but promises to return after the war. A month later, Meredith marries her childhood friend, Jake. On the night of Peter’s birth, Jake tries to kill him, convinced that the child is not his. Jake suddenly dies of a heart attack.

Meredith raises Peter alone until her son is 11 years old. An alien is then sent by Peter’s uncle, who is a Spartoi who wants to ascend the throne. Meredith is killed by this alien and Peter is sent to an orphanage. We doubt that relations with his father’s family will be okay after that.

# 3 rocket raccoon

Rocket was a pet for psychiatric asylum seekers on Half-World in the Keystone Quadrant star system. However, the busy humanoids and aliens eventually got bored and decided to leave the place. Before leaving patients in good hands, they conducted several immoral genetic experiments on pets, including on Rocket.

The purpose of these experiments was to transform the animals into humanoids capable of treating asylum patients who, in turn, were unable to leave the premises. Deep down, Rocket still retains strong aftermaths of those horrific experiences. He will say it himself:

I didn’t choose to be like this! I didn’t ask to be taken down and up a hundred times until I was more than … a monster.

# 4 Captain Marvel

In the movies, Captain Marvel appears as the perfect superhero, but the comics remind us of her dark origins. Captain Marvel actually suffers from a severe personality disorder due to his encounter with the Kree. Specifically, Carol Danvers was a former U.S. Air Force pilot turned intelligence officer, and she was hired to investigate Doctor Lawson, who was actually the real Captain Mar-Vell.

During an accident, she was contaminated with her Kree DNA and subsequently developed both personality problems and powers. The superhero was given superhuman abilities, but they severely affected her brain. A heavy burden to bear.

# 5 Drax

In the comics, Drax is not an alien, but an ordinary terrestrial person whose family was accidentally killed by Thanos. His name was Arthur Gouglas and he was on his way back from Las Vegas with his daughter Heather and wife Yvette. Thanos flew across the street and, so as not to arouse suspicion, killed the three passengers by leaving witnesses behind.

Thanos was not alone, however, followed by his father’s mentor. The latter took the child out of the rubble and brought it to Titan. In order to control his son, whom he now believes to be unstoppable, Mentor decides to build a body out of cosmic energy and earth and slips into the mind of Arthur Douglas, whose memory he has erased. However, he inflicts a terrible hatred on Thanos. At that very moment, Drax the Destroyer was born.

# 6 Hawkeye

In the comics, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) was a runaway child who escaped abuse at an orphanage and joined a circus where he learned the art of carrying a bow and arrow.

Later, when he discovered that the master of the circus he was employed in had more than malicious intent, he fled again and then becomes a student of Tony Stark.

# 7 Ant-Man

In the comics, Scott’s daughter Cassie has a very serious heart condition. His doctor, who is the only one to give him hope, is kidnapped one day by a super villain.

The kidnapping puts Scott’s daughter in danger and urges Scott to change into Ant-Man’s costume. Scott will be very concerned about his daughter’s health all his life.

# 8 Cyclops

Scott, also known as Cyclops, was traveling with his family on an airplane when it was attacked by aliens. The eldest of two other brothers, Scott and one of his two brothers, Alex, were kicked off the plane by their mother using just a parachute for two. The parachute did not slow her fall enough, resulting in Scott’s head injury. Because of this injury, Scott is unable to control his visual outbursts and he will have lifelong amnesia with respect to a specific part of his childhood.

Scott has been losing track of his living brother since Alex was adopted, and he remained in a hospital coma for a year. When he woke up he was taken to an orphanage that was different from his brother’s.

# 9 Ultron

As in the movies, Ultron is an evil android in the comics and is determined to wipe out humanity. However, on the blackened pages of the comics, Ultron was not born out of Tony Stark’s imagination, but out of that of Hank Pym.

The latter realized his mistake too late, long after Ultron had gained his own consciousness. The doctor is also hypnotized by his own creation to forget its existence. Ultron isn’t very grateful, after all.

# 10 Falcon

In the comics, Faucon (aka Samuel Wilson) is a young bandit from the New York ghetto. He is discovered by Red Skull, who decides to kidnap him and raise him on a remote island. On this island, Falcon undergoes severe experiments by Red Skull, which should strengthen his powers.

Thanks to his meeting with Captain America, he manages to escape from the island where he has suffered the greatest abuse. His mission (given by Red Skull) to kill Captain America, but he will not obey orders received.