10 characters who were badly beaten in battle


The job of superheroes is really not easy. On many occasions, these men and women risk their lives to keep the population safe. And if they do, it’s not half … In the battle between them and the villains, they do not hesitate to sacrifice some of their members to win the confrontation.

10 characters who lost a limb in battle

“Sacrifice” may not be the most appropriate term … In fact, these characters who lose one of their members are mostly not doing it on purpose. Most of the time, they are literally ripped off by an opponent who is a little too powerful for them. Even so, it can be said that it was a conscious choice as these heroes know what to expect if they continue the fight and don’t flee once the situation arises.

Fortunately, for most of these cripples, things generally end well. Many of them actually salvage the limb they lost during battle, sometimes under somewhat questionable circumstances. However, others are not so lucky and then plunge into deep disorder. Finally, some disabled people are finally learning with …

To clarify the situation of what types of characters you are dealing with, we have compiled a list of 10 Marvel / DC characters who have lost a link in their story.

1) Aquaman

We’re starting our selection with a very special hero who didn’t even lose his hand, but two. Aquaman definitely doesn’t seem very lucky at first glance.

In Aquaman # 2, the superhero’s left hand is completely torn during a maneuver by the super villain Charybdis. The latter manages to steal his ability to communicate with marine fauna and then uses it to call voracious piranhas. The creatures will therefore take care of the hand of a completely desperate Arthur Curry.

A few years later, the superhero will again lose one of his hands to Black Manta in Brightest Day # 19. As in the past, he will then decide to install a hook before finally winning his member back, in a process whose secret only DC has.

2) Desolation (Rose Wilson)

That said, Slade Wilson is not a very good father. The one more commonly known by the nickname Deathstroke made his daughter Rose a real ordeal.

In the Teen Titans comics, the young woman is manipulated by her father, who trains her to be Ravager, a ruthless killer. Deathstroke will also inject him with the serum to which he himself owes his improved physical abilities, which will make Rose psychologically unstable.

One day Deathstroke will finally ask Rose to kill her own brother Jericho. She will refuse, and instead her own left eye will be cut out to prove her loyalty to her father. It won’t take place in a real fight, but it’s even more bloody than if it hadn’t been …

3) US agent

If US Agent is a brand new character to the MCU, he’s been in the comics for a long time. After serving brilliantly as the antagonist of Steve Rogers, John Walker eventually switched to the superhero side and even joined several teams like the Mighty Avengers.

In Thunderbolts # 142, the US agent and his companions try to prevent Norman Osborn’s troops from attacking Asgard. In the fight between them, the super soldier will face the psychopath Nuke. The villain will then perform a master blow by placing his hand on Odin’s legendary spear, which he uses to cut open John Walker’s left arm and leg.

The loss of both of his limbs causes the US agent to give up his costume for a while before regaining it a few years later thanks to the intervention of a symbiote.

4) angel

When Jean Gray is brought back to life, the former X-Men start a new group called the X-Factor. In number 14 of her adventures everything degenerates for Angel. During the Morlocks massacre, Warren Worthington III is attacked by the marauders.

In this fight the mutant is almost crucified by his enemies. Its two wings are then pierced and nailed to the wall. Thor will ultimately save him in Extremis, but the hero won’t avoid an amputation, especially due to Cameron Hodge’s intrigues.

Losing what made him a mutant will make him very unhappy. Angel will then fall into depression and even try to kill himself. He is saved from the apocalypse and becomes one of his horsemen. In this way, Warren Worthington III will regain his wings at the expense of many sacrifices, which will ultimately result in him turning into death.

5) The winter soldier

After the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes has become a popular hero. Thanks to the MCU, we already know that one of his arms is artificial and he would have lost it after a tragic WWII event.

In Captain America # 11, we learn that it is a slightly different incident than in the movies that would have resulted in the destruction of his arm. When Bucky reappears in the life of his former friend Captain America, we finally find out what really happened to his member. In the mission that separated the two heroes, Bucky attempted to defuse a bomb installed on a drone. Unfortunately, the equipment explodes in flight, seriously injuring the hero. Bucky is eventually salvaged by the Soviets who treat him and take the opportunity to turn him into a winter soldier.

6) Red arrow

In the Justice League: Justice at All Costs miniseries, Green Lantern and Green Arrow assemble their own team of superheroes to hunt down villains. This won’t last long and even cause Red Arrow a lot of trouble.

The team is deceived by Prometheus, who secretly infiltrates the Justice League as Captain Marvel. And by the time Red Arrow finds out, it will be too late … Prometheus will cut off his right arm and send it straight into the air. When he wakes up, Roy Harper will find that the entire city of Star City has been completely destroyed and that his daughter will not have survived. This tragic event will then lead him to take a very dark path littered with vengeance …

7) Thor

After the events of Original Sin, Thor is unworthy of wielding his famous hammer, Mjolnir. However, he tries to keep playing the Thor # 1 series superheroes.

However, this doesn’t seem like a very wise choice … Armed with his spare ax, Jarnbjorn, Thor will take on Malekith the Cursed and several ice giants. The battle will quickly turn against him and the god is shown with his arm severed as he sinks into the depths of the oceans.

Then Jane Foster becomes Mjolnir’s new lover. With this weapon he can defeat Malekith. Thor, for his part, will return under the name Odinson, all adorned with a metal prosthesis as an arm.

8) Alfred

The story arc of Batman: Endgame lifts the veil of the final showdown between the Dark Knight and his worst enemy, the Joker. Before we get there, however, we need to go through Batman # 39, where Alfred Mr. J.

We can say that Batman’s butler is not cold in the eyes. When the Joker bursts into the Bath cave, Alfred threatens him with a shotgun. This will not please the villain who punishes him by cutting off his hand.

Subsequently, Alfred will be convinced that Batman did not survive his confrontation with the Joker and will then refuse to regain his hand. Of course, Bruce Wayne will inevitably come back and, as if by magic, Alfred’s hand finds its place …

9) Galactus

Once is not common, we worry for a moment about one of the antagonists our favorite superheroes had to face. His name is Galactus, but he is also known by the terrible nickname “Eater of the World”.

As powerful as he is, the supervillain was also robbed of one of his members, although the passage in the comics wasn’t actually transcribed. In Thor # 1 it is possible to recognize him without half of his right arm. Then we learn that this loss is the result of an attack by Black Winter, a being who was able to destroy its universe.

So to speak, the attack of this new antagonist has weakened Galactus so much that Thor, the god of thunder, can break several fingers on his left hand when landing on Asgard.

10) Misty Knight

Misty Knight is clearly what can be described as “a heroine before her time”. In fact, with her real name, Mercedes Knight was already fighting crime before entering the small world of superheroes.

She was a police officer in New York and she eventually lost her arm during one of her dangerous missions. During a bombing raid, she tries to defuse an explosive in order to save several civilians trapped in a bank. Tony Stark is so impressed by the young woman’s heroism that he decides to make her the bionic prosthesis we all know.