10 Biggest Updates on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Ukraine on Monday claimed that 3,500 Russian troops have been killed since Moscow’s onslaught began last week, adding that over 200 soldiers were taken as prisoners of war. Here are the 10 biggest updates you need to know.

  1. In one of the most significant events in the recent 24 hours, Russia’s Vladimir Putin told his defense chiefs to activate the country’s nuclear “deterrence forces.” “I direct the Russian armed forces’ defense minister and chief of general staff to place the Russian army’s deterrent forces in a mode of combat duty.

2. Several severe steps have to get taken against the Kremlin in the face of mounting international criticism, ranging from sanctions on the country’s largest banks to the freezing of Putin’s assets.

3. ‘The next 24 hours are important for Ukraine,’ Zelenskyy said with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson early Monday. Johnson said the UK and its partners do all necessary to ensure defense supplies reached Ukraine, according to a Downing Street official reported by news agency Reuters.

4. “Among our colleagues, there are dead and injured,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov got reported as saying by news agency AP, without providing any figures. 

5. The European Union’s top executive has stated that planes owned, registered, or controlled by Russians, “including private jets of billionaires,” will be denied access to EU airspace.

6. The UNSC failed to perform its fundamental role in maintaining world peace and security, according to Russia’s envoy to the UN.

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7. Since Thursday, when Russia launched a full-scale assault amid an expanding humanitarian disaster, tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine have crossed borders to flee the conflict. According to UNICEF, millions of children are in danger.

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8. Ukraine has received military help from Canada, France, and Germany. Last week, Zelenskyy rejected an offer of evacuation from the United States, stating, “I need ammunition…not a ride.”

9. According to Reuters, the UK has expanded its ‘dirty money crackdown’ on Russia with a new law. “In the United Kingdom, money has no place. We’re tearing down the veneer that people who support (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s destabilization effort have been sheltering behind for so long, “Johnson stated.

10. The Russian soldiers have intensified their assault, and despite recent developments in the discussions, the attack has not slowed down. Visuals from Kyiv’s capital showed buildings getting attacked and conflict spilling into the streets. Zelenskyy, on the other hand, has promised to fight back.

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