10 awesome fusions of cult manga characters


Since its release in the late 1980s, Dragon Ball has been a never-ending phenomenon. As a true model of Shonen Nekketsu, Akira Toriyama’s universe is still very successful despite the years. The proof is that while we wait impatiently for the new movie Dragon Ball Super (which recently unveiled its first teaser), we discover new fan art every day, often great.

Today we are interested in the work of an artist, Greytonano, who envisions (among other things) fusions between the different characters of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super on his Instagram page. You can also find majin versions of two iconic characters from the saga.

Frieza + Jiren

Broly + Omega Shenron

Jiren + Son Goku Super Blue

Zeno + Boo

Dabra + Boo

Krillin + Tenshinhan

Satan + Boo

PICCOLO + krillin

Baby goku

Majin Krillin


Majin Goku

His Instagram account also features original fan art, such as a fusion between Piccolo and Genos, one of the protagonists of One-Punch Man, as well as portraits of Naruto, Sasuke or Guts (the main character of Berserk), in a style reminiscent of the reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z In other drawings, this talented artist disguises himself as Thor (Marvel) or Saitama (from One-Punch Man). Not to mention the fan art from Attack on Titan, Joker or Invicible.

If you enjoyed this article, don’t hesitate to take a look at this artist who envisioned the characters of Dragon Ball in ultra-realistic versions. It’s bluffing!