10 anime battles where the hero wins thanks to luck and a draw!

We love to see our favorite manga heroes compete against each other or face the greatest villains from all over the universe. Epic duels to the point of bloodshed, where each side fights to the last breath or … until one of the two opponents beats his opponent with a coincidence or a deus ex machina, an external element, that turns the situation around and gives the villain big cheh.

Naruto: Rock Lee and Gaara versus Kimimaro

Kimimaro was one of the most stylish villains in Naruto. Very difficult, it took Gaara and Rock Lee to face it, so in the end it was tuberculosis that at the last moment reached the end of one who has the power to control his bones while he is the face of the products is dairy.

Naruto versus Kiba

“How do you defeat an enemy whose power depends on his flair?” Naruto found the solution in the strength of his digestive tract. If he had eaten something else the day before, or if he just didn’t want to fart at that point, it’s been a while since he lost his fight and never became a Hokage.

Cowboy Bepop: Spike Spiegel versus Mad Pierrot

Can you imagine a shootout over losing a simple toy? That happens to Mad Pierrot in her duel in a theme park against the main character Spike Spiegel. While he had the latter visually, here an unfortunate toy in the shape of a cat meows in his ears, triggering severe post-traumatic syndrome, and allowing Spike to take him down. Bad luck for a villain who deserves better.

Full metal alchemist Scar versus King Bradley

Lose a fight in a split second? It is possible. Let’s say that for this fight it is more bad faith than real innate happiness. Put simply, Scar takes advantage of the end of an eclipse to attack King Bradley, who is then blinded. Good intuition from Scar, or sheer luck, it’s up to you, the fight went to the generalissimo’s advantage.

My hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka against thirteen

It could have been a way to simplify advertising, it wasn’t. Our two characters face one of their teachers who is able to create tiny black holes. To get out, they grab a railing. Bad choose. After Ochako receives embarrassing questions about his love life, he lets go of the railing and walks straight towards the professor’s head.

Pokemon: Pikachu vs. Onix

In Pokémon, the ground type is immune to the electric type and the rock type is resistant to it. This is the rule in Pokemon the video game. But in Pokémon, the cartoon, it’s the opposite! Definitely for Pikachu, as the latter managed to defeat Stones Onix by stuffing the thunder attack. In addition to Pikachu launching his attack, the fire alarm system activates and gives the mouse the power it needs to shrink its opponent.

Sword Art Online Kirito vs. Sugou

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that in this situation the character benefits from an error in the matrix that occurs in their favor. Kayaba, AKA, the guy who lured everyone into the original Sword Art online game suddenly appears and grants Kirito administrator rights. You don’t even have to explain why or how.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kazuma Kuwabara

“The power of friendship makes us immortal” Nothing explains this sentence better than Kazuma’s fight against Risho in the shadow tournament. Our hero decides to sacrifice himself to give a point everywhere, but to stay at the front of the ranking. Except that her friend’s soft voice, who arrives late, gives her the strength and endurance to get through.

One Piece: Luffy’s Execution

From the start of the manga, Luffy is captured by Baggy the Clown and his crew. While he is cutting his blade to cut off his head and end his adventure, a gigantic lightning bolt hits him, which at the same time frees Luffy! What a godsend!

Bonus: Literally ALL Duels in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Because yes, when we talk about fights based on luck, it is mandatory to go through the card games. Because the character featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! will inevitably fall on the correct card, which, as if by chance, was on his deck of 1500 cards. Anyone who has ever played Magic The Gathering knows this is happening. But let it happen any game, I call it a cheat sir.

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