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007: Daniel Craig was drunk when he offered Sam Mendes the directing job

007: Daniel Craig was drunk when he offered Sam Mendes the directing job

The filmmaker directed Skyfall and Spectre. He got the job because he had glasses with the actor who played James Bond.

Daniel Craig said goodbye to Bond in 2021.

The year 2021 marked the end of a cycle for the 007 saga and for Daniel Craig, who bid farewell to the role of James Bond in the film 007: No Time to Die. In an interview with a podcast of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the actor told a curious story about his participation in the saga.

Apparently it was Daniel Craig who directly invited director Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall and Specter after he was a bit disappointed with Quantum of Solace – but he was intoxicated. It all happened at Hugh Jackman’s Christmas party, which the two were invited to.

“I was definitely a bit drunk, Sam was late and hadn’t seen him in years, since ‘Road to Perdition’. Sam sat down and we had a drink and I just thought this was one of those [momentos]. We were talking about directors… and it suddenly became so obvious to me when I came face to face with him. I thought: ‘of course’. And so I was basically like, ‘I probably shouldn’t say that, but do you want to direct the next Bond film?'” Daniel Craig said on the podcast.

Sam Mendes promptly said yes. “And then I thought: I’m in the shit. I’m sure there is someone I need to talk to before I offer the directing job. It wasn’t my responsibility, but I was drunk!”

The next morning he had to call producer Barbara Broccoli, who has been working on the 007 saga since the 1990s, to apologize and explain what had happened. “I called Barbara and I was like, ‘Oh my god, come on, I’m about to be in shit.’ He said, ‘Last night I offered Sam Mendes the director’s position.'” Luckily, the producer’s response was, “amazing, great.”

After Sam Mendes directed Skyfall and Spectre, Cary Joji Fukunaga directed the latest film in the saga. Who the next director will be isn’t confirmed yet – it’s not even known who will star, although Broccoli has already said fans can expect a Brit.


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